Does Blogging Help Boost Your Ecommerce SEO?

Blogging is not just a digital marketing fad anymore. While it was a trendy way for people to post about their lives on the Internet, years ago. Today, blogging boost ecommerce SEO in many ways, as Google placed premium space for fresh and consistent contents in determining search engine ranking. Blogging has become a must-do for businesses of all sizes that want to gain traffic, grow their following, and improve their visibility in search engines.

Two reasons that changed the landscape of blogging and searches in general?

Firstly, businesses realized that blogging offers a great platform not only to prove their expertise in their industry, but also to improve their search engine optimization, or SEO—and almost without even trying. Secondly, Google ranking algorithm has place more and more importance on fresh and useful information for searchers with the release of Google BERT to pair it with RankBrain algo. These two algo combined is projected to do a better job of evaluating prepositions in searches, thus improving and refining search results.

If you have been wondering whether blogging is going to help boosts your your ecommerce business seo, stop thinking and start your ecommerce website blog now. Find an ecommerce platform that have a native blog module like thritybees ecommerce. Blogging can only  help your SEO.

Blogging boost ecommerce SEO for five main reasons:

  • You blog provide fresh and consistent content that Google loves
  • Blogging is an excellent way to optimize the keywords you want to rank for in searches
  • It allows you to develop and strengthen your relationships with new and old customers through social media
  • Blogging allows you to build your links from other high quality websites because you have valuable fresh content.
  • Your blog connects people and potential customers to your brand

Let’s dive right in!

Let’s take a deeper look at each one of these factors, and expand further how blogging can help boost your search engine optimization.

#1 Reason. Google is placing a high value on new, original content being added regularly

I have highlighted the words “added regularly”, because I have seen far too many blogs who got tons of contents overnight and none for years! It worked a decade ago when search engines wasn’t that smart yet. But not today! Google is particularly sensitive to this. It penalizes a website if it detects practices like this. It is always looking for fresh contents to display to searches.

Why is fresh content important to Google?

Regular and consistent content tells Google that your site is active. It also shows that real, live people are behind the site who care about their visitors and what they want or need. Secondly, it allows Google to filter website pages that are dead or outdated, and contents that are not relevant anymore. It makes sense from the searchers vantage point. If you are searching for something, you don’t want information that has been published decades ago, right? You want to read recent information when you are researching. Not only recency, but decency and well thought-out data. This is the first factor why blogging boost ecommerce seo.

#2 Reason. It is an excellent way to optimize for the keywords you want to rank for in searches

Optimizing your contents with your keywords are the foundation of a good SEO strategy along with implementing other stuff like structured data. Keywords are the words or phrases people type in when looking for a service or product you sell or information they are seeking.

WARNING: Do not stuff your contents with your keywords that it loses its natural readability.

A common mistake for young and inexperienced SEO people is that, they pack their keywords into the title tag making it unreadable. Their idea is that, they think it will do wonders for SERP ranking, on the contrary, it impacts negatively on your SERP. Doing so, takes the sense and logic of the most important element of ecommerce SEO.

Google algorithm has gotten so much smarter today than it was 10 years ago when I was just started doing SEO. What you need to do instead is to work around your focus keywords so that you’d want potential customers to click on your URL.

This is why blogging helps boost ecommerce seo.

#3 Reason. Blogging allows you to build a strong reputation with new and old customers through social media

One of the effective marketing strategy many digital marketers use is to expand traffic sources. Blogging allows you to do this because you are able to offer valuable information for people to consume, share, and comment on. In time, when you have built enough following, you become an authority in your industry. It is the best way to improve your company’s reputation in your industry or niche.

Reputation is a slippery thing. It cannot be developed overnight. It is built with time. And within that time, you must be able to contribute to the social and economic development of your community. We all know this. No reputation is built without contribution. And blog and blog, you foster growth and innovation in your industry — learn and add value. People starts to look to you for direction. And the biggest covet about reputation is that it is sensitive and fragile. You need to uphold sustainable development principles to be able to be about it.

Adding value strengthen your relationship with new and old customers with good reputation. This is why blogging boost ecommerce seo.

#4 Reason. Blogging allows you to build your links from other high quality websites because you have valuable fresh content.

When you create interesting contents people are going to notice and they are going to share it on social media. Their friends are going to read it, and might share it with friends, and friends are going to share it, and so on. That’s a great potential for link building. Not only that, content creators and bloggers also links to your content in their posts, like I do from time to time – expanding your link all the more.

Links also provide a more in-depth experience for your readers, leading to complementary or related information that doesn’t duplicate the information in your blog post but instead adds additional layers of meaning and context. Incorporating links in a smart, deliberate way underlines the credibility of your blog and can improve your reputation for thought leadership.

This is how powerful blogging is.

#5 Reason. Your blog connects people and potential customers to your brand

Carefully crafted website content (e.g., a homepage or about page) can’t hold a candle to a blog post when it comes to showing the personal side of your business,” DeMers says. “Blogging gives your business a way to touch on issues and concerns of interest to your prospects, while also sharing what you and your employees are passionate about. Your blog posts give you a unique opportunity to share your voice and personality, building up trust and increasing your brand’s likeability quotient.

Additional source

Blogging is not only providing fresh content for search engines and searches, it is as much as touching base with real people who are hungering for good content to satisfy a need. This is why blogging has evolve to a “sharing you life” a decade ago to a relevant and indispensable business tool today! Not only that, it foster an environment where customer are interacting with you — in positive, respectful, back-and-forth ways. This kind of symbiosis can make an impact online just as it can in person.

In conclusion

Now that you know the SEO advantages of blogging for your ecommerce website, you may be wondering how to get started. If you don’t already have a blog, you can check out WordPress or you can check, it comes with a native blog module so that you have one system for your ecommerce and blog instead of two. Thirtybees is also a free ecommerce platform with a blog.

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