Two Reasons Why SEO helps your ecommerce business?

There is undeniable reasons why SEO helps your ecommerce website today. People have increasingly been using Google search to look for almost about anything they want to be informed about. Take a look at the following data coming from smartinsights:

The number of people using internet search engines is increasing year on year and is almost unfathomable. Using the above Market Share chart and the data from Internet live stats, we can see the number of daily searches on Google – 3.5 billion, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.


Undoubtedly, the need for search engine optimization to work in your favor, gets even crucial as you begin to understand why SEO helps your ecommerce. Big companies have been using it to get more revenues. Small businesses uses it to get found and get more sales lead.

The following are two undeniable reasons why SEO helps your ecommerce business

#1. Search engine optimization can help customers find you

Without SEO, customers will find it hard to get to your store  in the sea of ecommerce pages. It would be impossible for your to reach more people to get more sales and valuable customers. So, embracing an SEO-first approach to your ecommerce website, is a must.

There are tons and tons of pages that search engine processes every minute. The questions is, how will your product pages be found in such a gargantuan heap of digital information? The simple answer is to embrace an SEO-first approach. As in any endeavor in real life, it takes time and doing things consistently to be an expert in that field.

Build your expertise in your particular niche

I was watching kungfu movies over that weekend. In the movie, the master was asked by a loud student,

“Master, how long is it going to take me to be at your level? and the master said, “If you practice everyday for 10 years, you might get to  2nd level! And there are 7 levels of mastery you have to go through!”

So, coming back to SEO – to have an SEO-first attitude, you need to be an EXPERT first in your field. And you are not going to reach that level without doing the same thing over and over again for at least 5 years.

Build your expertise. This means that you need to illustrate your skills as the creator and publisher of contents. It is not going to be pretty at first but by remaining honest and producing valuable content, any site—regardless of its specific industry—can emphasize its expertise.

Harness the power of words to get your brand noticed. Design and launch a streamlined and SEO-friendly e-commerce store that yields great results.

Demonstrate an authoritativeness as a creator of contents.

You can do this by encouraging your expert content creators to add their names and credentials to their pieces. This gives readers a better idea of where the information they are being given is coming from—and if it is reliable.

If the content you’re presenting is scientific or studied in nature, then it’s imperative to supply appropriate citations. However, no matter what type of content is presented, offering the reader a picture of the author, accompanied by a brief biography, does a great job of humanizing your brand and promoting transparency among your audience.

Show users that they can trust you

This idea is particularly important for eCommerce websites because we request information from customers at the payment process. Your users should feel safe giving away personal and financial information to your site. As content creator, your content should be able to help and teach users something that would add value to them as users. People tend to give money away when they receive more from you. That is the natural order of things. Trust is not built on  what you have, but on what you can give and what you can add to others’ lives on a consistent basis.

Consistency is such an important concept when it comes to ecommerce user experiences, and the effects it has on the user in terms of trust. When a user uses your ecommerce platform, they learn how it works, they learn where things are, and they learn who you are. And as they begin to see that you can be trusted, it boost your conversions. Your users learn to trust your website more and more, they tend to recommend it to family and friends. And that’s how you grow your brand organically!

Building trust is not a matter of choice, but of necessity.

However, no one is going to trust you when they can’t even find you, right? This is where SEO comes in for your ecommerce business – SEO helps your customers to find you on search engine searches. So, to underline the importance of how SEO helps your ecommerce business, write contents showing you are an expert and an authority in your field.

#2. SEO produces cost-effective, long-lasting and quantifiable results.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is often lauded as being one of the more affordable and cost effective forms of online advertising. While this can be true, it is important to remember that an SEO campaign is not a one-time endeavor but should be an ongoing process to ensure the best results.

Every page is a potential SEO campaign

Every individual page on your site should be treated as a separate potential SEO campaign. By establishing a single campaign per page you can ensure that each page is properly optimized. Because each page have unique contents that targets relatively different type of audience in your niche.

By doing so, it helps to ensure a more effective SEO marketing campaign for your ecommerce website as a whole, it also enables easier tracking of performance and monitoring of ROI. Most pages will have different requirements according to the competitiveness of keywords and the return per lead for each page. Tailoring an SEO campaign to meet these individual requirements helps to ensure its effectiveness.

Building powerful link profile sets you up for a long-lasting SEO

SEO is not a one-off marketing package. Everything about an SEO campaign should be regularly monitored and optimized according to results and other figures. Keyword popularity and the number of sites competing for the top positions can make some keywords less competitive while others become more appealing.

Sites that are caught up in highly competitive niches will find that they need to build a particularly powerful link profile. This will take time, especially if the link profile is to appear natural to the search engines. Pages that are less competitive will need to keep their profile updated and ensure that they are still targeting appropriate keywords.

In conclusion

SEO is a powerful and cost-effective tool for your ecommerce SEO. Doing so gets you found in Google search in the first place. Start building your contents until you become and expert and authority in your field asap.

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