The Importance of an ‘About Us’ Page on your Website

The “About Us” section is probably the most overlooked aspect of a company’s website. 

Most of the time, business owners put their focus on their homepage or product page to entice potential customers. Even if they do have an about us page, they don’t really take advantage of its power. Usually, they will just fill it with a picture of their team and a description of their company, without realizing they are wasting an opportunity to fully utilize one of the most important pages on their website.

In a study conducted by KoMarketing, 52% of respondents said the first thing they want to see when they land on a website is a company’s ‘About Us’ page, making it the third most visited page after the homepage. This is because it answers questions your visitors have about your company that will help them decide if they can trust you or not.

To help you better understand, we have made a list of reasons why having an About us page is crucial to your business.

Importance of having an ‘About Us’ page on your website

‘About Us’ page instills trust in potential customers

Every new prospect who visits your company’s website will not buy your product or service right away. Some will take their time learning everything about your company to see if they can trust you, and the most likely place for them to do so is your about us page.

They want to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, as well as whether you have the necessary experience, knowledge, and expertise to solve their problems. If you include elements of your mission statement or company vision on your about us page, you can effectively communicate your team’s values and how they may align with the goals of a potential customer.

The ‘About Us’ page shows what sets you apart from the competition

The “About Us” page is the ideal place to express your business’s unique identity. While your other pages focus on your products and services, this page focuses on what makes your business special and explains what distinguishes you from the competition.

The ‘About Us’ page personalizes your company

The ‘About Us’ page helps to personalize your company by telling visitors about yourself and your team. Showing and providing information about the people behind your company will reassure visitors that they are dealing with real people. This way, customers will relate to your employees as real people. This will also help in developing trust and strong relationships with your customers.

The ‘About Us’ page communicates the story and purpose of your business

People typically seek various types of information, the most common of which is how your company came to be where it is today. What obstacles and challenges did you have to overcome to become who you are today? The best place to tell people about this is on your ‘About Us’ page.

By telling the story behind your company, you are creating a character for yourself and how you become the hero of your customers. Remember, story sells, and that’s exactly what you need to do by creating an excellent About us page for your website.

Now that you understand the importance of having an ‘About Us’ page on your website, we will share with you the things you can include in your about us page to get the best out of it.

Things to Include in an ‘About Us’ Page

Values, Mission and Vision

Showcase what your company stands for, your mission, and your future vision. Displaying your core values and how your company plans for the future can help visitors learn more about you and what you stand for. Visitors will feel more at ease buying from you if they see you share the same values as theirs.

Story of how your company started

The story of your company is critical in attracting attention and building trust. Your story should include how the company was founded, who are the people involved in it, the beliefs and principles that guided the company, and information about your team. Also, Describe the issue people faced that existed prior to the establishment of the company. Mention how you became involved with the issue and what caused you to react. Discuss the solution you found for that problem and how it is now helping people’s lives. Use descriptive and emotional copy to tell this story. Include creative graphics or even videos to really enhance this story. Soon, you’ll have an “About Us” page that will strengthen a visitor’s connection to your company.

Testimonials and Awards

Include testimonials from clients, awards your company has won, certifications that show your expertise, as well as any other information that can show authority for your business. Displaying these can prove your company’s credibility and brand authority, which can instill confidence in your new customers. It shows that you have high-quality products or services that made you earn these awards.

A brief introduction to your team

As we have previously stated, the about us page helps to personalize your company by informing visitors about yourself and your team. So, include photos and bios of individuals on your executive team, or even all of your employees, to reassure visitors that they’re dealing with real people who understand their needs.

Links and calls to action

Make sure to end your ‘About Us’ page with a CTA after you’ve effectively introduced your company. A CTA encourages your website visitor to take the next step. It has the potential to increase conversions after users learn more about your company. You can ask visitors to subscribe to a blog, download a white paper, or enter their email addresses.

Add links to your company’s social media profiles as well to encourage visitors to follow and interact with you.

Here are other steps you can encourage your customers to take to make them continue their journey until they become your customer:

  • Follow your social accounts
  • Opt into your email list
  • Check out your products
  • Apply for a job at your company
  • Read your blog

Our Final Thoughts

Your ‘About Us’ page is more than just a requirement for your website. If written correctly, it can your business help in generating leads and increase website traffic. So, never underestimate the power of your About Us page. When creating the content for your about us page, make sure to include useful information about your company’s history, products, and goals. And as your company grows, alter your story, mission, and accomplishments.

Do you want to improve your ‘About Us’ page design?

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