How to Install the Shoptech SchemaPro Module for Prestashop-thirtybees

Shoptech SchemaPro Module is a versatile data structure module for your prestahop and thirtybees ecommerce website. Because SchemaPro module allows you to create multiple schema types, your contents become more relevant to google search.

You can use SchemaPro module for prestashop-thirtybees to add different structured data types like articles, Q&A, FAQs easily. Edit any product right in the product admin page, and you are ready to go with SchemaPro. So, you not only have a product description for your product, but you also have additional contents available to your customers about your product.

One of the best structured data you can add to your product for better search result display is the HowTo structured data type.  Because adding a howTo structured data to your schema gives you a boost in search results display. The howTo schema is very useful for almost any kind of product you are selling in your ecommerce website. It gives you the ability to publish how to instructions like “directions of use” for your customers.

Shoptech Schema Pro module is an indispensable tool for any Prestashop-thirtybees website.

By installing Shoptech Schema Pro module, you stay ahead of your competition in search engine results. 90% of ecommerce website finds it hard to rank in search results, and one of the primary reason is becasue they are not Google friendly. Meaning that, search engine like Google find it hard to read the data being sent to them. Shoptech SchemaPro module gives you that edge over your competitors in search results display. The possibilities are endless!

How to install Shoptech Media SchemaPro Module for prestashop-thirtybees?

Step 1. Download the Shoptech SchemaPro module files from Once you have the zipped file,

Step #2. Open your FTP or CPanel, go to the modules directory of your prestashop-thirtybees install, and upload the SchemaPro module file.

select file

Step #3. Extract the file, if you are in the Cpanel, you should be able to right-click the zip file. Click extract, like so.

extract file

It shout automatically created a directory “Schema Pro” inside your modules directory.

Step #4. Login to your Prestashop-thirtybees back office dashboard, and go to “Modules and Services”, then search for the word schema.

Choose Module

Step #5. Click the “Install” button to install the SchemaPro module and let the installation process do its work.

Install Module

Step #6. After the installation is done, click the “Configure” button to configure the module to your desired settings.

Configure Module

Below is a screenshot of the many options available in our SchemaPro module for Prestashop-thirtybees ecommerce. Go through them one by one and see which ones apply to your website niche, like so.

Module Schema Fields

Step #7. After you have done all your confuguration, go to Catalog >> Products and edit any product you like. Click on SchemaPro, like so.

Add Module to product

Step #8. Add a structured data to your product. For the purpsoses of this article, select “howTo” structured data.

Add How To article

Adding a howTo structured data type with SchemaPro module is as straight-forward as it can get. See the screenshot below, like so.

Add How To Steps

Enter a name for your howTo content. give it a Title, add the steps. You can add as many steps as you need. Fill all the fields available for you so that google search will read your content properly. Because if you skip any field in the steps section, it will give you an error in the validation process.

Step #9. Validate your schema and structured data at google data testing tool.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This is the last step in how to install the Shoptech Media SchemaPro module for Prestashop-thirtybees ecommerce.

In conclusion:

SchemaPro module for prestashop-thirtybees is an indispensable module for any shop. Google just looove contents that are structured the way they want contents to be structured. There is just no way going around it! If your ecommerce website does not have it, you are missing a lot.

We have seen webshops that jumped from 2% CTR to a ridiculous 15% CTR after implementing data structure.


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