My Ecommerce Website Have Confirmation Email problems!

What happen when you encounter a problem with your Ecommerce Website is Not Sending Emails? For some reason, you are not getting any emails! You know you were suppose to receive an email from a purchase confirmation, but it is not in your INBOX!

There are a couple of problem why confirmation email problems occur, Firstly, there may be a relay problem, and secondly, there may be a blockages from the host. As I always recommend to store manages and ecommerce website owners to remember to protect themselves before the problem occurs.

Strange, I receive less emails lately.

It’s quiet on the site or you receive less emails of late? You get curious why and finally you do some tests, and find out that simply the mails sent from your site are not being delivered. Sigh.

Worst is that, most of the time, if you do not have a copy of these emails, they will be lost and you will never know what message it was sent for. Under these circumstances, what can you do when you have confirmation email problems?

Let’s look at Prestashop Default Sending Settings

Prestashop Ecommerce have an automatic guard against confirmation email problems. What you do is go to your website admin, click the heading “Customers -> Contact” and open each contact saved in the list. You then have an option to save the messages that will need to be set to yes.

contacts in prestashop


Edit customer service

Often in the default account (the account that on top most) the option is activated, but for others it is not always the case. It must be ensured that this option is activated, it will save you the bet on the fateful day.
The Customer Service section of the Customers tab provides a view of all the messages sent by the Prestashop store.


What to do when confirmation email problems occur

The first thing we advise you is to ask your host if you have not been blocked for attempted SPAM. Or perhaps there is a security breach in your system. Then, you have to test the sending process on your website sending email process. Make sure you do the test with the option MAIL () of PHP and SMTP to see if at least one of the two alternatives works.

You do not want to neglected these small issue because often times they  become a big headache for ecommerce website owners. These two how to things you could do quickly.  We at encourages you to implement it in your ecommerce website development as soon as you can, while everything still works properly, again, prevention is better than cure. 

If you cannot do it, hire somebody who can. Check out our article on best way to choose an ecommerce website developer to handle your ecommerce development need.

Let us know in the comment below how you think about this quick fixes.



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