3 Easy Ways to Find Your Website Target Audience

To find your website target audience is one of most important tasks you need to do as an ecommerce website lead digital marketer. It is the basis of all your online marketing strategy. It starts the moment you develop and name your products or services to the marketing channels you use to promote them.

Here’s a hint before we dig in:

Your target audience is not “EVERYONE.”

The primary reason you are defining your target group is to identify and understand your particular niche so you can dominate it.

It cannot be stressed enough that the better you understand your target market, the more closely you’ll be able to focus your ecommerce marketing strategy. This way, you only spend to reach the audience that will most likely to convert to customers. As you begin to go deeper into your audience insight, it is good to expect to see higher conversion rates and better return on your investments.

Let us define what is a Target Audience first before anything?

A target audience is a specific group of people with shared characteristics who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Often, businesses use what they know about their target audience to create user personas. These personas guide their decisions on marketing campaigns.


It is worth noting that to find your website target group, look for their shared characteristics. They usually will share 2-3 of the following:

Income or education level
Marital status

For customers to feel connected to a product, service or brand, they need to relate to the content and tone of the company’s message.

You don’t make your sales pitch for a sports item to elderly people group. You market it to young people and athletes! That is called speaking their language. Knowing which audience you’re targeting with each campaign will ensure that you speak their language. Understanding this important key allows you to zero in on them more easily.

So, Why is Having a Target Audience Important?

There are a bunch of reason why finding your website target audience is important. The more obvious reason is marketing focus. When you know your target audience, you get to focus your marketing effort. You can avoid unnecessary wasting of resources because you are able to reach the right people the right way. It enables you to identify the market well enough to hone your marketing effort to get better. As a result your money is spend better and wisely because you are able to craft target specific messages for your customers.

How do you find Your Website Target Audience?

There are 3 east ways to do it, find, resarch, and grow.

#1 Find you audience using the following online tools.

Google Analytics. Login to your google analytics dashboard and look for the “Audience” menu on the left panel. Click it.

Google analytics Audience

Goggle analytics have a bunch of tools available for every digital marketers.

Google Analytics Demographics

Pay special attention to the demographics and interests. Set the demography you want to target for your product and services.

Social Media Demographics. Another good resource to finding your website target audience is through social media like instagram stickers and facebook ads. Let’s delve more deeply into facebook ads. Login to your facebook account, go to your facebook page. Click on Promote.

Click on Audience. In the Audience page, set the age limit according to your desired demography, you can set the gender to all or just for men or women.  Go down to the “Include people who match” and enter the behaviors you want to see in your audiences. The important thing to consider here is to get the Potential Audience Size to around 1,000,000.

find audience

The best audience size for your Facebook ads campaign is around 500,000 – 1,000,000 people. This seems to be the sweet spot for Facebook.


As you can see, the example above is just about right at 1, 000,000 potential audience size.

#hastags. Hashtags can not only attract members of your target audience, but they can also be used to research your competition. Search using hashtags, and you will uncover relevant content related to your topic.

Family. friends and teams.  Families and friends of your existing customers and team. Repeat customers will most likely talk about your product at home, in the bar with friends, or on social media. It is a good place to find your target audience for your online business.

#2. Grow your target audience with social media demographic, and survey data tools

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing platform today. Eating up almost 50% of total digital marketing strategy. Look at existing marketing strategies you already have and identify existing customer groups or segments. Improve on your ad targeting. Take for example the sample above. If you can further lower the Potential Target Audience to below 1,000,000, and down to 500,000, that would be an excellent targeted ad.

Other fantastic social media lead targeting are Instagram demographics, Twitter demographics, Snapchat demographics, and LinkedIn demographics. It wont be a mistake to go to each of these social media platform and run your audience targeting ad.

You may also use survey data from sites like:


There are a ton marketing lead generation tool out there that are just waiting for you. The 6 above are what I normally use. But you cant go wrong exploring for more options.

#3. Research competitors with online marketing and lead generation tools

Review your competition and other businesses in the market. What are they doing? Check their targeted audiences and how they work around those type of audience. Knowing your competitors will most likely give you an idea of where and what you are going to do moving forward.

Ask yourself how well your products or services contribute to consumers. re you adding value to their lives?

This is also a good thing to consider the overall market you are accommodating. Analyze any data and information you have, especially performance details. Use everything you’ve collected thus far to discern your true and ideal target audience.

Here are some online tools you can use to do your research:


Similar Web

SimilarWeb gives your the ability to gain insight into any website’s statistics & strategy with the click of a button, all in one tab, as you’re browsing with the SimilarWeb browser add-on.


Alexas Marketing Stack

Alexa.com is a powerful tool to find, reach, and convert Your Audience.
Get better marketing results by finding untapped opportunities to grow your business.


Ahrefs.com Organic Keywords

ahrefs.com is one of the top tools to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche. Ahrefs helps you learn why your competitors rank so high and what you need to do to outrank them.

There are probably hundreds research marketing tool out there available for the seeker. But I will leave it for you to find them. These three research and marketing tools are sufficient enough to understand your competitors as well as get a deeper knowledge about your website audience.

In conclusion

There’s an entire audience of soon-to-be fans out there waiting for your content. Find your website target audience using these three ways. Help them solve their problems and serve up all the information they’re looking for. I know you’re up to the task. Yes?

Find. Grow. Research.

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