Ecommerce website have to have a clearly defined social media marketing strategy. Without it, your ecommerce website is bound to fail and will join 90% of small businesses that failed in their digital marketing strategy.

But before talking about strategy, you first must have a plan for your Prestashop Ecommerce website social marketing strategy. And your plan must be integrated with your overall plan. Do not treat social media strategy as just an asterisk on your overall digital marketing plan.

A plan that answers two questions.

A good marketing plan usually answers two relevant questions. What does this business hope to accomplish? How are we going to accomplish it? Same is true with digital marketing plan. What does this marketing plan have to accomplish and how are we going to do that?

Most small businesses fail in their digital marketing because of this one reason they forgot to integrate their social media marketing strategy in their overall business plan. Check out our related article The #1 Reason Why 90% of Small Businesses and E-commerce Website Fail in Social Media Marketing.


Social media has now become the largest pie in the digital marketing economy. Check out our post Best Areas You Should Invest in in 2019 for your Ecommerce Website Marketing. Social Media has taken 53% of the digital marketing tactics this year 2019.

How Do You Define A social media marketing strategy for Your Ecommerce Website?

Strategy defines what approach and tactics you are going to adopt in running your company. In the absence of a well-defined and well-developed strategy, your small business is doomed to fail.

Without a well-defined social marketing plan and strategy, your ecommerce website will lose many potential customers. You also end up wasting a lot of time on issues that are not crucial to your business.

Below are important steps to take on how you can define a social media marketing strategy for your ecommerce website.

  1. Create a specific social media marketing strategy plan NOW! A Plan that defines specific digital channel for each major platform to provide focus and direction for the future of your small business and ecommerce website.
  2. Make sure your social media marketing strategy is well integrated and aligns with your business objectives. Some organizations have defined digital marketing strategy but is separate from its main marketing strategy. While other business are doing digital marketing, but have no defined social media marketing strategy. Do not treat social media as just an asterisk on your overall digital marketing plan. Social media has now become the dominant platform for people from all walks of life to come in an interact.
  3. Go where your potential customers are hanging out! 2.4 billion people are spending more and more time on facebook alone and we see no reason for it to come down any sooner.

More tips on social media marketing strategy

  1. There must be a defined target. Structure your social media marketing plan to define the opportunities, strategies, and actions you will undertake. You digital plan will be believable if you have SMART objectives for each part of your customers journey experiences. Structure it around these perceived customer experiences.
  2. You can build your audience by integrating paid social media ads, and organic ones. Another one is by using content marketing and persuasion to prompt product or content interaction and leads.
  3. Grow your social media audience. Build awareness for your brand, products and services on as many social media platforms you can. This will build traffic to different web presence like your main ecommerce website, microsites, social media pages. Maximize your reach using continuous inbound campaigns to create multiple interactions using paid ads and organic touch points.

In conclusion

There are other steps you can possible find on how you can implement a really good social media strategy for your ecommerce website. But there is one in particular that I really want mention:

Optimize your social media marketing strategy!

Just like you optimize your ecommerce website for Search Engine, you should not forget to optimize it for social media as well. Having a good plan and a strategy to accomplish it gets you ahead of everybody else in your niche.

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