What is Prestashop ecommerce platform?

What is Prestashop ecommerce platform? Prestashop is a feature-rich, open-source e-commerce solution, and is absolutely free.

You can run Prestashop ecommercer website in the cloud(self-hosting). And by downloading and installing prestashop yourself with your choice of ecommerce hosting provider, like so.

As of August 2019, Prestashop is currently used by over 300,000+ merchant websites all over the world. Initially available in only 2 languages – English and French – PrestaShop today is translated into 65 different languages, and still growing. Although it takes a bit of work to get a store launched, but the features that this platform offers are simply impressive.

This content management and ecommerce system was started in 2005 as a project by students in Paris, France. Then in 2007, Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Lévêque established the company PrestaShop SA. The built-in features support smooth management of product listing, payments, manufacturers, suppliers and shipping.   A user doesn’t need to be a pro at handling technical stuff as this software is beginner-friendly and one can set things up by themselves without a hitch.

PrestaShop’s business model rests on selling services for commercial partners to its customer base, including optional add-on features and themes. This seems to allow it to offer a sophisticated e-commerce option for anyone interested in selling digital or physical goods online.

Prestashop has a large support community

Prestahop is supported with a community of 1,000,000 + Members in its forums and blogs, with over 1000+ contributors collaborating to create robust and flexible ecommerce platform.

It has more than 600 features, but if you feel that this little something is still missing that could change the life of a merchant, the Prestashop developers are more than happy enough to accommodate your ideas! One thing that makes Prestashop stands out is that it is constantly evolving to be one of the most powerful ecommerce platform while staying light compare to other platforms.

Prestashop has it’s own weaknesses as do all open-source ecommerce platforms, but the good thing is, its Community is doing a its best of providing bug fixes and you can help us check that the new code fixes the issues.

This ecommerce and CMS system gives merchants worldwide access to the modules and themes others have created. These modules and themes are gird to enhance and extending the functionality of PrestaShop.

As a platform for ecommerce, there are 4 major areas that you can outright do with Prestashop:

  1. Can customize your store. Choose your colors, your logo and a design from among a selection of professional-looking themes.
  2. You can supercharge your business with Prestashop. Manage your products, orders, customer relationships, and track your statistics
  3. Attracts more visitors. Share your content on the social networks and your blog and attract more visitors
  4. You can sell your products globally. Easily present your store in several different languages and currencies – your business has no borders!

One more thing that is worth mentioning about Prestashop  is that,

With Prestashop, you can choose from a store with web hosting that you can set up in just a few clicks, a store that’s 100% customizable, or get help from an expert to build your e-commerce website.

Companies that Uses Prestashop

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Prestashop is partner with:

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