What is a ecommerce landing page and how does it work?

A landing page on my ecommerce website? Yes, a landing page! Have you heard of it before? Do you know that ecommerce landing pages are often the best weapon when you do targeted advertising? It is the best way to convert visitors into sales for your ecommerce website? Landing pages condition the buyer and is able to manipulate his buying behavior.

What exactly is the ecommerce landing pages?

In fact the landing page is the page that serves as an intermediate page before showing the final page of your website or the product page. Landing pages are often associated and used along side a paid advertising campaign. When the user clicks on the sponsored link, it is brought first to the landing page which then points to the product offer page.

Landing pages are often used when an ecommerce website is running a holiday sale campaign.

Why put a landing page on a Prestashop-thirtybees website?

The reason is quite simple, it is necessary that the user understands what is expected of him and for that it is necessary to condition his mind. If the intermediate page says for example “It’s an offer that will never happen again and the offer is valid until tonight …” the sense of urgency increases. Through this page we put forward the arguments of “why it’s great” we must excite the desire to buy.

We do not want our customers to land awkwardly in our website like this poor bird. We want them to feel good about the product to make their choice to buy:

For example, if i search for a phrase “cleaning services in minnesota“, i get the following page from Google results:

Landing page search result

Let’s take a look at the URL and see what they have:

Right away, we are presented with a choice – a clear action to take,  with a corresponding offer “receive $15 off”. That is a great way of using a landing page. If I am the customer looking for a cleaning services, the chance of me buying their services is practically 100%.

Landing pages are handy when you run paid advertising with Google Adwords

In fact, this mechanism is interesting when you make paid advertising to bring people to your Prestashop or thirtybees store. Let us check the image with the Google result in it:

Google AD results

You will notice that all three of them are paid advertisement campaigns. Although the first and the last one have the homepage as the landing page, and they are quite not as effective as the one in the middle. I can assure you, base on the appeal it has made to me, it generates more sales than the other two. I could be wrong, too. But the one in the middle definitely understand buyer’s psychology better.

You know how they say in marketing world, sometimes it’s more expensive to bother with natural traffic than it is to buy paid traffic and handle at best the flow of traffic that arrives on the shop (for them the e-commerce it’s a bit like the stock market). In paying advertising, the concept of landing page is a pretty excellent strategy. If you have not done it before, there is not better way to do it than now, you must test things at least once to experience it.

A good ecommerce landing pages influences people to take action

Ideally what is needed is to target the frustration side of the buyer his seemingly lack. Imagine a landing page that would say

“Tired of being fat? Do you want a real star body & attract girls? Discover our slimming kit … promotion ENDS tonight.”

The line above are just made up by me. But you get the point. It is way different compared to if you simply redirect people to a slimming kit page with a price. Just like that, the user is already saying …

“Yes I want to lose weight, yes I want to attract girls …”.

Check out the following image of an ecommerce landing pages and try to understand how it is targeting a specific kind of audience.

Landing page example

Do you see the catch phase “DO IT NOW!” and the one below it, “Or You Never Get It Back!”

That right there is what landing pages is all about! It targets a specific need, and appeals to the perceived lack of the customer, and then offer a sense of urgency to buy the product!

Can I use ecommerce landing pages without paid advertising?

The obvious answer is YES! Why is that? Because the purpose of this page – in principle is to show to a specific audience / targeted and it is only paid advertising that can expressly do that. The gist is not to present a “generic” message, but rather to “phrase the message” according to the type of visitor profile. This is also why for example you can have 10 targeted ads on 10 different products with 10 landing pages with a message of different influence … so of course you have to be imaginative!

In conclusion

Landing pages are a great and awesome way to convert targeted traffic into sales. While it is true that you can use landing pages even without paid advertising, it is best used along side paid advertising where you target  specific needs your product is able to provide. And every product addresses specific need.


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