Stripe Corporate Card for Your Online Business is a Smart Move

Thirtybees comes with Stripe as one of its core modules! So, you don’t have to buy one or hire a developer to integrate stripe corporate card into thirtybees to have Stripe payment system in your online store like most of the other ecommerce platforms.

Stripe is one of the featured partner for thirtybees in 2019. And majority of e-commerce platform open-source or not have extensions, plugins, and addons developed for their particular system.

The Stripe Corporate Card enhances your use of Stripe module which allows your thirty bees site to easily accept payments from the Stripe payment processing platform that includes stripe corporate card. This module supports the latest Stripe API and also ApplePay as well. Let me show you a screenshot of what you have got in your thirtybees install:

Stripe payment module

But starting today, you can use Stripe for corporate credit cards — complete with your own shiny logo.

Yes, you heard that right. A personalized stripe corporate credit cards from Stripe!

This is going to be really really big if your company runs a remote team. Your employees encounter incidental costs all the time – such as an Uber to the airport, coffee with a client, replacing a broken power cord, etc. So, your company can issue every person on the team a corporate card as soon as they join. That way, they never have to take money out from their pocket for the company while they wait for an expense report to process. Not to mention the hassle of filing for reimbursement.

Here are the benefits of Stripe Corporate Card for your company.

Stripe Corporate Card gives your company 2% cashback on your top two spending categories and 1% on everything else. After your first $5,000 spent, you’ll also get $50,000 in free payment processing with Stripe. There are no fees of any kind, meaning no annual, foreign transaction or late fees. All you need is a Stripe account — no paperwork required.

Stripe Corporate Card also comes with Stripe Capital.

Last week Stripe launched Stripe Capital to compete with alternative lending solutions. Now they’re launching a competitor to  corporate credit card services. It wouldn’t be far off to assume Stripe to soon introduce savings and checking accounts to become a full-featured bank?

What can Stripe Capital offer for your business?

Stripe Capital allows businesses to apply for loans based on their history with Stripe. Funds typically arrive in the next business day, and cost a flat fee (with no interest). Repayment is fully automated and adjusts to your daily sales. Stripe deducts a fixed percentage of your sales until the total owed is repaid.

Stripe Instant Payouts

Instant Payouts will allow U.S. businesses that use Stripe to get paid in minutes after a sale has been completed. And it’s available 24/7 (including weekends and holidays).

With Stripe, you can access your earnings when you need them most. Manage your payout timing and get paid within minutes, all from the Dashboard.

Stripe’s with thirtybees can help you grow your startup, whether you’re accepting payments, offering subscriptions, managing a marketplace or selling real life products.

NOTE: It’s a shame it is limited to the US for now. The cashback looks great and all associated benefits look incredible. That’s another product that makes people regret to not be a US citizen! LOL!

What do we think about this?

We think that this is a really smart move by Stripe! 5 star approved! It is a really good addition to prestashop-thirtybees payment system.

In Conclusion:

You can basically and instantly manage your company’s spending in real-time, get automatic credit increases, and get cash back on the categories where you spent the most. It’s the corporate card every business owners dream of.

What do you think? Is this a smart move by Stripe?


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