Review of Our Ecommerce Website development Process

Are you using the right ecommerce website platform? If you are not sure about what platform to use for your ecommerce website development, you may want to read our previous content on which ecommerce  website platform to use?

Every store owner needs to know if his ecommerce website is going to scale and if it is secure. That’s all you needed to know. After all, you are the one doing the business and spending all that money for ecommerce website development. Having that open source, scalable, flexible cms system gives you – the  owners –  nothing but a freedom to create an online store of your dreams.

Start your ecommerce business with a trusted, result-focused and creative ecommerce website development team.

Shoptech Media has been developing only Prestashop and Thirtybees ecommerce websites. Why do we do that? Primarily because, we want to be the best in Prestashop website development and Thirty bees website development. We don’t want to be the know-it-all company, we want to be “THE” team people looks for regarding prestashop and Thirtybees ecommerce website development. And we are! Think stability and focus. Think BIG! Launch your ecommerce business with us!

Why Shoptech Media?

We develop, build and support PrestaShop and Thirtybees ecommerce websites. Going deep into your business, we will analyze your products, research competitors and create an ecommerce website that helps you to dominate your niche in the market.  We enjoy our clients success and are more than happy to be a part of it.

Shoptech ecommerce website development process: Core areas to create customer journeys online.

The first thing that comes to mind is design. Creativity and unconventional design and other tools to create attractive ecommerce website for our customers, and not only that, you have also to factor in your customer experience while browsing your webshop. Here at Shoptech Media, we want to be there every step of your journey. Below are some of the mark stones we will have to go through with you as an ecommerce website owner.

  • It is not about us, but all about your vision!

Transform your vision into the next stage of your business experience. It is important to understand that, this is your vision. It is your idea, and we are here to help you make that wonderful idea into reality!

  • A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Your idea can only become a reality if it is laid out into a plan and make a goal out of it. We will pair our expertise on development stages of creating a robust ecommerce website with your idea and get that goal fulfilled every step of the way. Investigate and plan future actions. Share our knowledge and experience to put life into your ecommerce business.

  • Creativity is the core value for our team

Infuse a new breath of air into the shopping experience of the your customers. Creativity is the core value for developers in our team. Step outside of your comfort zone.  Inject some color into your business,  combined with our functional approach with respect to your marketing strategy.

  • Implement the plan

Change is usually best received when it is implemented in bite sized chunks, unless of course, this is impossible. Plans can be broken down into phases that can be reviewed along the way. Collaboration is key so, there will be  pilot tests environment that our clients access regularly before anything is fully embedded to ensure they understand what is happening and why.

  • Going through tests and debugging

We deliver websites without bugs or errors. We go through tests and even more tests before we launch your online store. It is not a matter of time and effort, it is respect to our client as a family member of our team.

Bug test

  • 99% Working ecommerce website system!

While no system is perfect, we ensure delivery of the highest functioning quality for your ecommerce website so that you can focus on expanding your business and generating sales.

  • Walking with you all the way!

We want to make sure you are protected from hacker attacks and bug issues. this is our pledge as ecommerce website developers of your ecommerce business. We can only do this though if we host your domain in our server. However, even if you have your own server host, we will do our best to shield your ecommerce website from hackers and fixes. We guarantee that we will be first to install updates and security patches for your online store. We are always on the line with your business.

In conclusion:

No system is perfect, but here in we do our best to deliver the highest quality possible in terms of funtionality and security. Our ecommerce website development process have gone through years of tests. We know what we are talking about. These steps are what our clients and us walk through with every ecommerce website development we undertake. Vision, turning into a goal, design and implementation, debugging and testing, delivery and support. Our clients have nothing but praise for the way we handle the development processes.

Please contact us for your inquiries regarding your ecommerce website development needs.


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