Ecommerce Analytics Presents Huge Advantages For Your Online Biz

Every minute, your ecommerce site collect tons of customer data. Ecommerce analytics allows you to get a grip of all these data and generate effective sales strategies for your business.

In the last 5 years or so, the use of data analytics has widely spread across all business departments, from ecommerce development and marketing to operations and logistics. Analytics has become essential in processing valuable customer and market data that shapes the strategies ecommerce companies adopt to provide their services successfully.

Analyzing these massive data will not only benefit ecommerce companies, but also customers, given that ecommerce companies will use these data-driven insights to improve the way they cater to customer needs. And as the technology behind data analytics goes through the course of technological advancement, the advantages that customers receive will only increase.

Two Massive Advantage of Using Analytics Data

#1. Analytics capture customer data no matter how or where they shop.

As brands continue to turn to cloud-based unified commerce to deliver seamless, holistic customer journeys across every touchpoint — mobile, social, web, and store. Ecommerce analytics must also evolve to track shoppers wherever they may be, whether they are purchasing a product on Instagram, discovering a brand on their phone, or cashing in a gift card at a pop-up shop.

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Shoptech Media offers a powerful analytics tool that integrates seamlessly with our ecommerce platform. Ecommerce analytics that keep up with the rapidly evolving customer journey.

Your Data is safe with you

Our goal is to provide everything you need to run your ecommerce website from development to analytics, to mailing system and CRM(in the future), right inside your back office dashboard. You will never have to go outside your ecommerce sytem to see valuable data about your customers,  ever again with SM Analytics!

SM Analytics protects your visitor privacy with advanced Privacy features. When using SM Analytics for Web Analytics, you ensure that your visitors behavior on your website(s) is not shared with advertising companies.

#2. Analytics data makes you optimize your website with data-driven insights.

Analytics helps you to effectively design your website, do UX optimization, and streamline the checkout process to help you connect shoppers to products and boost conversion rates. This will give you the ability to know what is working and what should be scrape in your process flow.

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Ecommerce analytics provide you with these data-driven insights into how shoppers interact with your site — both the good and the bad – taking the guesswork and subjectivity out of website optimization, and uncover opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Key Focus Areas an Analytics can help you with

  • Chief among these is a user-friendly checkout flow,
  • optimal product presentation and recommendations,
  • overall usability.

To truly maximize the effectiveness of these areas, SM Analytics provide  tools called “”widgets” that enable conversion rate optimization testing, heat mapping, click tracking, visitor recording, and more.

analytics widget

Consider tracking Key Performance Indicators

In order to understand and cultivate customer relationships — consider tracking KPIs. Overall lifetime value, returning visitors, purchasing behavior, social shares, subscription renewals, and upgrades are valuable indicators for you online shop.

Tracking KPIs are important to business objectives because they keep objectives at the top of your decision making. Tracking KPIs also ensure that performance is measured not blindly in pursuit of the KPI but in relation to the larger business objectives for your ecommerce business.


In conclusion

An ecommerce store without the ability to accurately access, measure, and interpret the vast amount of data that your shoppers generate, is like navigating in darkness. Turn on the light and put your customer data to work with SM Analytics. It is the most advanced analytics feature available in the market today.

Use the comment section below to inquire how you can avail of SM analytics. Or use the Contact us page to send us an email!

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