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How does SM Analytics track downloads?

One of the many good features of SM Analytics is the ability to track downloads. You want to track when visitors download your brochure, a photo, a software, etc. SM Analytics automatically track these clicks as Downloads, and reports them under Behavior > Downloads.

SM Analytics automatically detect a download as a click on a link that ends with one of the following file extensions:

7z, aac, apk, arc, arj, asf, asx, avi, azw3, bin, bz, bz2, csv, deb, dmg, doc, docx, epub, exe, flv, gif, gz, gzip, hqx, ibooks, jar, jpg, jpeg, js, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mobi, mov, movie, msi, msp, odb, odf, odg, ods, odt, ogg, ogv, pdf, phps, png, ppt, pptx, qt, qtm, ra, ram, rar, rpm, sea, sit, tar, tbz, tbz2, tgz, torrent, txt, wav, wma, wmv, wpd, xls, xlsx, xml, z, zip.

You can also force SM Analytics to count a click as a download by using a specific CSS class for this link. Check out the section “Force a click on a link to be recorded as a download in SM Analytics” in the Javascript tagging Guide.

When you use the Log Importer, files with one of the file extensions listed above will be automatically tracked as downloads in SM Analytics.

To increase accuracy of download tracking, you can consider enabling the use of navigator.sendBeacon().

Tracking Outlinks, Clicks or Unique clicks

The SM Analytics report “Pages > Outlinks” shows the list of external URLs that were clicked by your visitors from your website pages. SM Analytics will track as an “outlink” all clicks on URLs that are not the same domain as the website being tracked. For each outlink, SM Analytics will report the number of clicks, and the number of unique clicks. Unique clicks are the number of unique visitors that clicked to a given domain ; for example, if the same visitor clicked 3 times on the same outlink, it will be reported as 3 clicks and 1 unique click. Note that SM Analytics only tracks HTML links.

To increase accuracy of outlink tracking, you can consider enabling the use of navigator.sendBeacon().

Does SM Analytics track search engine bots or other spider / robots?

SM Analytics only tracks visitors with Javascript enabled. Most bots will not execute JavaScript, although more advanced bots can now execute JavaScript.

In general there are a few options to track bots and search engine bots using SM Analytics:

When importing your web server access log files with the option –enable-bots the Search Engine Bots will be tracked

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