6 Things You Can Improved to have Successful Drop Shipping business

Running a successful drop shipping business is a rewarding venture for some, for many others its a constant ads struggle and expenses that often times depletes one’s pocket without sniffing real profit.

So, we ask the question, what is that one thing that people who have gotten a measure of success running a drop shipping ecommerce business did to reach that level of success?

Obviously, a lot of things has to happen right for you to have a successful drop shipping business. But the experience of others who were successful in drop shipping tells a ton of wealth for anyone who might want to know what changes and improvement they should do to have a successful drop shipping ecommerce business.

As the wise saying goes,

“one does not have to re-invent the wheel.”

For the sake of this post, we will assume that you have taken cared of search engine optimization work for your ecommerce website. Failed at last once in your drop shipping venture, and is seeking to make that one improvement/change to your strategy to get some measure of success in your drop shipping ecommerce business.

But you have to at least invest in optimizing your ecommerce store, specifically the product and home page to make it have more sense of authenticity and consistency in branding. Hence somewhat improve the click through rate.

All things being equal, let’s check into other drop shippers experience and learn of the one thing they changed/improved to reach success in drop shipping business.

Let’s dive right in!

#1 Successful drop shipping business have an actual product research based on hard numbers instead of relying on gut feeling.

Shared a person running a drop shipping website in a forum/;

I started to do actual product research based on hard numbers instead of just a gut feeling what products might work.

There are a lot of places you can find to do your product research work. We will site three of them.

If you haven’t already, https://dropshipscan.com  is good way to start. Try to check order growth (not total orders which is worthless), profit margin, retail price and ratings. Their ad design tool and the product export function alone will save you so much time its worth the $19/month like 5x times 😀

Alishark is another great tool to do product research. Alishark have a bunch of phone cases and nail polish. You can learn everything you need to learn about a product with alishark. Although not as good as dropshippingscan in my opinion. But don’t take my one man opinion of it, go to alishark.com and give it  try for yourself.

Another simple product research tool you can use is https://productwand.com. It’s a simple tool to track the best selling products of all your competitors. It gets rid of the need to “know your numbers” while doing product research. Just follow what the big successful shops are doing. They won’t launch new products without the research.

#2 Successful Drop Shipping business switches from a general store to a niche store.

I know “niche” has become like a cliche, but focusing on a niche market seemed to be a huge game changer for others. The conversion rate doubled and their site felt so much more clean with each product being in the same niche.

We are not saying general stores don’t work but niche stores definitely give your store a more “trustworthy” vibe.

#3 Successful Drop Shipping businesses are willing to spend a bit while testing to see what works.

Stopped playing with $5 daily budgets. Be willing to spend a bit while testing to see what works. It can work, but i think its harder for facebook to work with, takes longer to figure out what works and what doesn’t and will only extend your personal learning experience.

So do you test with like 10-15 dollars/ad set ?

Yeah 15-20, which isn’t a ton more. More to the point of, don’t be scared to spend some money. If you think you’re going to start up you business with $200, you will likely end up disappointed.

When i started I ran $5 ad sets and wondered why things weren’t working, got scared after spending like $50-$100 and not being profitable. A lot of people are saying they’ve had a few hundred visitors so far but sales aren’t threw the roof. Some people get lucky but chances are you will have to be willing to spend a bit before you find what works and become profitable.

The amount your willing to spend won’t determine your success, its just the first thing that came to my mind. obviously a lot of other important factors determine how successful you will be, having a good product is obviously about the most important factor.

And i know this won’t be the answer to all beginners problems, just yesterday i saw a post someone asking “how much have you lost so far, be honest”, and people were stating 1500, 2k, 4k (yikes).

#4 Successful Drop Shipping business test their audience to get the right product

Was there a point when you didn’t get the product selection right? Check this comment from a successful drop shipping merchant:

I am lucky enough to have chosen a winning product my first go. I spent around 600 in ad spend before becoming profitable. Part of that was testing audiences, part of it was just not knowing what i was doing lol. I want to try a second store soon now that my first is set up, profitable and less time consuming, so we’ll see how lucky I get with that product ha. Based on some other comments i’ll have to be sure to do good research.

#5 Successful Drop Shippers uses social influencers more to get free traffic.

Get social media influencers to post you ad behind a regular posts, they usually offer cheaper rates for it and the ad engagement is much higher.

“I changed my mindset from thinking that paid advertising was the primary way to go. I now use free traffic from IG, Facebook Groups, and things of the sort and make about $2k/month”, says one successful drop shipper.

You have to spend more time hands on, and you will definitely have to use paid ads as well if you decide to scale your drop shipping ecommerce business.

#6 Successful Drop Shipping business have a positive energy and vibrations around them.

When you “throw out” that one smile or helping hand to someone who needs it, you spark a “ripple effect.” Creating change in a person’s energy toward the positive raises their vibration. In turn, they will then affect whomever they come into contact with, and on and on and on…

Successful drop shipping merchants always chooses to be more self-aware and really stop and think about their words, actions, and attitudes before they combine their energies with the energies of their customers and co-merchants. They communicate things that are really meaningful and necessary for  their drop shipping ecommerce venture? Does your words and behaviors around people and online forums build your business as well as build people up?

I once read a question in a forum, rather a comment that was so negative about his own product and business. How can someone attract buyers when he himself is not attracted to the product he sells?

In conclusion:

A lot has to happen for anyone to have a successful drop shipping business. But one does not necessarily have to invent the wheel, or go through the same failures of others and fail himself. The blessing of the internet is that, wealth of information and lessons are available to anybody. Here i have given you 6 improvements others have done to be successful in their drop shipping business. I am sure there are still a lot of things others have done to be successful.

You may implement all of them, or just one for your drop shipping business.

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