Where Should You Focus Your Ecommerce Marketing Efforts First?

Focus your marketing efforts on an area where you are the BEST. This is going to be tricky at first, as a lot of things will compete for your attention. Just like my son’s tennis coach once said,

you have to be singular before you think about winning matches!

Ecommerce Marketing strategies that are not focused most likely won’t work. How could it work when people have more than three or four priorities to deal with? It is hard enough to do one thing, how much harder would it be to think of doing five or more priorities? Objectives like that almost always get lost. When you have 20 strategic objectives in a plan, you won’t accomplish any.

Here are a couple of things you want to do to focus your marketing efforts to start with:

  • Focus on selected target markets and selected target market needs and selected product or service offerings.
  • Focus on your strength or your company’s strengths. Play toward what you do best and take advantage of the opportunities that is before you.

The reality is that no one can focus efforts on a few priorities unless they limit the number of things they want to do. In practice, lists of more than three or four priorities are usually less effective.

Did it ever happen to you that you enthusiastically listed the things you wanted to do in a day, yet end the day with nothing’s been done? Right! Because the more the priorities (beyond three or four), the less chance you are going to be able to implement it.

Here is a lesson I learned from a mentor,

Learn to say no to people or tasks!

Because we are creatures who wants to have things done, our human tendencies urges us to do everything at once! Which is crazy! Right? That’s impossible! No one can do everything done at once. You cannot rush anything!

As human beings, we want to please everybody and be friends with everyone even the people who are not being helpful. You have to learn to surround yourself with smart and good people.

“I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everybody.” –Bill Cosby

Back up your ideas with solid data

If you’re not sure what your specialty is, try different marketing tactics. Back up your ideas with solid data. One of the mistakes that I see a lot of people making is they’ll create a SWOT analysis based on assumptions. The danger is that your strategies will be based on shaky ground. The best way to counter this is to gather quantifiable data about your sales trends, customer base, and employee retention to help identify your strengths.

Use the skill set you have to focus your marketing effort

Another thing you can do is, if you have a specific skillset, and you are comfortable using it, use that first. A lot of new entrepreneurs I know always want to try everything that is trending. I have nothing against it though. But the bad thing about that is, you keep on trying something that you have little skills. And by the time you know it, you are back to square one and trying another. This will surely drive the best result.

For example, if you are good at content marketing and SEO, no matter how you do paid ads, your biggest results will always come from content marketing, because that is where you are good at.

“I focus on what I know because that’s what tends to produce great results” – Neil Patel

The word Warren Buffett and Bill Gates believe makes them successful is,


Focus your marketing effort on ONE thing first

Focus on one thing first, do it right and move to the next thing. Same goes for business and marketing, focus on one thing first. Get that one service or product right for business and get that one marketing channel right for marketing. Don’t try to do two things at once. Or do things that is making you lose money just because some told you so.

Take a look at what is working and what is not, then focus your effort on what is working for you. For example, Treehouse focuses on YouTube ads.

Don’t be a know it all and use it all person. I know most of what we read in the internet says that you have to do everything everybody else’s does. But that is not exactly right! You have to know it, but you don’t have to be them! You have to be you! If YouTube is your thing, go ahead and be a youtuber. Make videos, lots and lots of videos that are interesting to people and adds value to their lives. But if it is not, you will know soonest. And you would be wise not to persist on it more.

In conclusion

So, ask yourself, what are you good at? What skill sets do you have? You would probably end up listing 3-5 skill sets. Focus on just one skill set that you are really really good at and do you thing. That is where you focus your ecommerce marketing efforts in.

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