Three Must-have Module For Ecommerce Website Development

These are modules that you can’t do without in your ecommerce website.

But merchants are – most of the time -quite funny, they often look for the best module for their Prestashop ecommerce website development! They want the cream at the top that is really essential – that one should not miss. I don’t know it that is greed, talking or what. But if you are a person and a website owner who is like this, this article is for you.

So, What is the best must-have module for ecommerce development solutions?

Before answering that question, there is something that you must know first. Often when people look for the best module for Prestashop they are usually looking in the following direction: “What is the best module that will bring me maximum customer visit, optimize my ecommerce website development, and module that will bring me more traffic?”. In most cases the merchant just want to look for a module that will do most of the work for him. Right?

On the Prestashop Addons platform, there are a lot of modules available for anyone, but you have to know how to those work and prioritize the more important modules especially when you are just starting in ecommerce.

It’s like when I see customers trying to deploy “complex” affiliate modules on Prestashop, while the basics are already there, the fact remains that, It is not the modules that will make the quality of your Prestashop ecommerce store.

The fewer modules the better

This is the truth of the matter. “The fewer modules you have, the faster and easier your shop will be and will be more scalable.” Prestashop Addons offers interesting modules, but do not fill your website by enabling all those modules, you may induce indigestion. And that would not be a pretty thing. So, what are the must-have module for ecommerce.

There are three module types that I believe are the most important to have on your Prestashop ecommerce website.

However way you acquire them, whether free or premium is your choice. The purpose of this article is to open up the best option for you as a Prestashop ecommerce store owner or manager.

The First must-have module for ecommerce is the performance modules.

What are performance modules? These are modules that improves your ecommerce website’s performance as far as page load and efficiency is concerned. The best modules in this area are cache modules. There are NO free modules that offers good website cacheing out there. So, you will definitely have to invest in this one. After all, website performance, and speed of page load determines your sales. Look at the image below of how a 1 second delay cost an ecommerce website.

As far as of utmost important is concerned, Cache and performance modules are the first modules to have in your ecommerce website. Get it. Invest on it for your ecommerce business!

As your Prestashop ecommerce website grows, so will your sales too. Having a module that allows your ecommerce system to perform fast when customers use and transact on it, will pay huge , huge dividends for you down the road.

If you need help on this, shoptech Media has developed our own CacheAPI module. But right now, we do not sell it to public. We only offer it for FREE for our clients that are hosted in our server as part of the package they bought with us. Use the contact us page to let us know how you may avail of this module! But this is a very good option for you to have for your ecommerce website.

Second must-have module for ecommerce are good Payment modules.

Over the years of developing and dealing with ecommerce websites, we have come to understand that having a really good payment module is one of the most important thing to invest in, this is the fundamental point of an e-commerce, – “cash money”. It would be a shame if your customers leave the shop because they can not pay online or your payment processor is hard to use or is not user friendly. Or it maybe working, but it takes like forever to go through a lot of steps to complete the payment. Yet this thing happens ever so often.

We have clients telling us that it is too expensive to implementation and accept credit cards on their shop (especially if you are in Switzerland and some EU countries). while it is true that it is not given, but having a payment module that can process multiple payment options is better for your ecommerce website in the long run!. It’s like a car, you can’t go anywhere far without a good tire!

You can go with the FREE paypal payment module.

Our recommendation at Shoptech Media is to go for the best available option. And right now,  Stripe for Prestashop is one of the best payment module out there. Stripe increases your conversion rate and charge payments securely with Stripe, it’s the easiest way to accept online payments.

Stripe Payment Module

Very often I hear people saying that Prestashop is not a free solution, and that it is a bit heavy on the pocket, because most modules and extensions are not free. It is false, there are certainly plenty of paid modules, but you are not oblige to buy them.

The modules do not make the quality of the ecommerce store and even a webshops with 100% free modules with bank transfer and PayPal, can quite properly run and be profitable.

The third must-have module for ecommerce are SEO modules

This is not the fault of the merchants, but when I see 10000+ downloads for this SEO plugin, it is proof that there is a dire need for it, that merchants are thirsty for traffic. As there is a lack of knowledge of the area, the investment will have little impact compared to the expectation of the marketer who is already seeing its traffic climb. It is therefore better to invest on a safe bet like payment methods to ensure the conversion of existing traffic.

SEO modules

Note: shoptech Media is not affiliate of the modules seen above. It is for the purpose of this article to better inform our readers about this particular topic that the above screenshot is given here.

The biggest obstacle to ecommerce website success

In our opinion, the biggest obstacle to ecommerce websites not being successful are not the modules, but the merchants themselves who do not work enough on their shop and who seek a short-cut solution called “miracle”. I call it a miracle solution because it is impossible to drive traffic to your ecommerce website if you are not working on it. The must-have module for ecommerce cannot drive traffic or increase sales. They will help in performance, efficiency, and relevance. But you have got to put in the work for your website to be successful.

All things being equal, having these three types of must-have module for ecommerce can greatly enhanced your chances of succeeding in your online selling business.

In conclusion

  1. Acquire a performance modules that will increase your page load.
  2. Get a good payment module that can process multiple payment options.
  3. Install a good SEO module to help make your ecommerce website search engine friendly.

Above all, do not go for a quick solution or a miracle solution. Treat your ecommerce store like a real business venture. Grow it, work on it, and expand it. It’s not a matter of modules, even though must-have module for ecommerce help. What is most important is your focus as a merchant.

If you have a module that you deem essential for any Prestashop e-commerce development, do not hesitate to leave a comment below! If you like this article, give it a thumbs up. Of course dont forget to hit the social media buttons to spread the word around.


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