Thirtybees Ecommerce Review, Empowering Merchants to Increase Sales

As some of you may have read in our previous posts, I mentioned that, we have been migrating our ecommerce website development from Prestashop to thirtybees ecommerce for 2 years now.

This thirtybees ecommerce review is a result of how frustrated we have been with Prestashop, that thirtybees kind of become a saviour to many ecommerce developers like us who develop ecommerce websites for our clients. Because of that in-stability and the bugs fixes weren’t coming for Prestashop, and the Prestashop team abandoning support for 1.6, Thirty bees came as the answer to PrestaShop’s lack of community involvement and constant problems.

The beauty of open source software is that you are free to fork it. What fork means is, it is when you take the code to do with as you please and release another product. This happens all the time in the open source industry. Mysql was forked into MariaDB, OS Commerce was forked into CREloaded. Forking is pretty common and allowed in the open-source industry.

What most of the Prestashop independent developers and users have decided to do was fork the 1.6 version of PrestaShop(the more stable version of Prestashop) into a software called thirty bees ecommerce way back in 2017.

Reason for forking prestashop

There are variety of reasons they have decided to do this, but the biggest one was the customers. As with all other independent developers, it has been a struggle for us at when everyday, we hear the same issues from our clients. We have tried to address these issues with PrestaShop along with other developers over the years and they have fallen on deaf ears.

Forking PrestaShop was the right thing to do. It gave us a stable ecommerce platform. A platform we do not have to buy a module every time we needed to add a tracking code. Or have a developer do everything for you.

With all these frustrations reaching its boiling point, thirtybees ecommerce was born with the slogan,

e-commerce software that works!

At the first release, there where more than 2500 bug fixes that has been implemented. Several new features has been added like the Stripe payment module and MailChimp to run your email campaigns. Above all, the speed load has been drastically improved as shown to be true with the results and data on their homepage:

Speed score

And recently with the release of Thirtybees version 1.1.0, two big features were added, namely: the blog module and the custom html block module. Big Big improvement!

That’s pretty neat!

In this thirtybees ecommerce review, I am going to present some helpful reviews from third party people around the internet regarding thirty bees software. And provide you enough review of our own at the end of the post.

The vision of thirty bees is quite pretty simple:

To create the best e-commerce software that empowers merchants to increase their sales.

How have they fared so far?

Here is what people are saying. The following thirtybees ecommerce review is from their facebook page:

Thirtybees Facebook review

Over at product hunt, thirtybees ecommerce review got this one:

Thirtybees Product hunt review

I love how they put it:

“an ecommerce platform that is easy for merchants to use, but provides the power not found in other packages. We also listen to our community and engage them for the features to make merchants lives easier and more successful.”

That last line is a direct indictment of Prestashop people, i guess. 🙂 Can’t blame them.

Over at, some good thirtybees ecommerce reviews:

Thirtybees Alternativeto Review

As a fork of Prestashop, Thirtybees 1.0. keeps compatibility with Prestashop themes and modules. However Thirtybees runs much faster on my server, image regeneration works correctly which is not the case in Prestashop. I have encountered one bug in price rules and the community has fixed it within a couple of hours, it’s amazing. – by Guest about Thirty Bees ¡ Sep 2018

Absolutely the best alternative to prestashop.. and I will not shy away from saying that, TB could overtake PS down the road. TB is faster and more efficient. the only down side with it is the design.. it does need some cosmetics on it. – by __________ -Jul 2019

about Thirty Bees,

The best alternative for a webshop comming from Prestashop, great community, solved many bugs and keep up growing. – by rogererotiekfabriek 2018

Over at trustpilot we have the following excellent reviews:

Thirtybees Trustpilot review

Thirty Bees Shopping Cart

I am a current using of the aging Zencart system and was getting tired of constantly forking out money every upgrade.. I came across Thirty Bees quite by accident..At first it seemed to tick all the boxes but found out later it did have a few draw backs to modules.. But I have over come these with buying additional modules and a few free ones that helped along the way.

But the best thing I found was the ease of use and installing new modules (As with Zencart it would cost me money to install). They have now also introduced a quick and easy way to upgrade to the latest versions with a easy few button pushes (again Zencart cost a load of money each upgrade)..Compared to Zencart I have had to only do 3 modifications to my front end files which is really great as there are loads of places you can place your required items or images etc..
I opted to buy another template for 1 of my sites and pages now look and feel like they belong in the new age. With many options available and control..
If you are looking for a cart that is easy to run , look no further than Thirty Bees

State of the art ecommerce

thirty bees is a state of the art e-commerce platform that empowers users to easily start and maintain an e-commerce. We have designed thirty bees around speed and ease of use. We currently have over 170 compatible payment gateways with more coming soon.

ampps have a really excellent reviews on their community:

Ampps review

here comes the point I want to thank the team of devs behind ThirtyBees and the users of Thirty Bees!1! a ecommerce system that does its job. More business less bugs. – by a Boris – December 19, 2017, 9:09 pm


More business, less bugs

The last line says it all, “More business less bugs.” That is all a business owner needs to know. I have searched the internet for negative reviews, and so far there is none that i could find. Kudos to thirty bees dev team, they really did a wonderful job filling in for Prestashop.

How do shoptech Media review thirtybees ecommerce?

There are three criteria that we have always maintained with our clients regarding development of ecommerce websites:

  1. Is my website going to load fast and display well on all devices?
  2. Is my website ecommerce comparatively easy to use from the admin panel?
  3. Will my ecommerce website run without me paying for addons like Blog, good payment system, and an email management?

The above three questions are really crucial in our development of ecommerce website because they are questions from our clients. Thirty bees checked in a BIG “YES” on those three quite well. So, we are happy with it.

In the two years that we have been developing ecommerce website with thirtybees platform, we have not seen any issue that would affect our impression of it negatively. Yes, there are issues and features that needs to be better, but so with all of the major ecommerce platform out there.

We give thirtybees ecommerce a 5 star and excellent review just for page load speed! Truly an ecommerce platform that works!

Don’t take our words for it! Check it out for yourself!

Let us know what you think!


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