Thirtybees – An Easy to Use Ecommerce Platform

Thirtybees is an Easy to use ecommerce platform! That phrase says it all! Thirty bees is a robust but light E-commerce system, it is as easy to use as it can get. It can be hosted in your own web hosting choice or  have it hosted on the cloud. Whichever choice you make, is a guarantee of fast performance and easy to use ecommerce platform.

Thirty bees of course is an open-source ecommerce website solution built on PHP and MySql.

As of this article, the recent stable release is version 1.1.0.

Why another E-commerce platform? Here is what the people at Thirty bees has to say,

thirty bees was born out of need. Need for a better e-commerce platform in the marketplace. A platform that is not heavily commercialized, where features are limited because there is a commercial opportunity in charging money for functionality. At thirty bees we strive to create the fastest, most stable, feature rich e-commerce platform. In doing this we have to listen to our merchants and provide the tools that they need to be successful. Sometimes it is a hard balancing act, but its something we are getting better at.

Being a 100% open source company presents an interesting set of problems that we are working to overcome. The main problem is revenue. We believe in being transparent with our merchants, while at the same time generating revenue. Sometimes this can be a hard task. This is why we are relying on alternative funding methods such as Patreon.

Help Support thirty bees on patreon

Your donation helps them create better e-commerce software for everybody!

What are the features of Thirtybees easy to use ecommerce platform?

Below are some of the best features of thirty bees ecommerce platform. The list are the best you can find out there. Don’t take our word for it, try it out!

1. Responsive Design.

Thirty bees is built on bootstrap, allowing it to work flawlessly on all devices. You do not have to code your theme to make it display properly on mobile. It is built for mobile.

2. Thirty bees is optimized for speed.

Optimized to be the fastest possible full featured ecommerce software. This is important for search engine ranking. Thirty bees understand this fully well that speed is money, especially for online merchants.Pagespeed

3. SEO Focused

Thirty bees has everything needed to outrank your competition. Every facet of the system have been developed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.

4. Customer Service

Built in strong customer service manager to handle customer interactions in your ecommerce website.

5. One Page Checkout makes it easy to use ecommerce platform

Your store will have an option to have your checkout process on a one step checkout or on a full five step checkout.

6. Security Minded

There have been a lot of security breach in e-commerce platform across the web. Thirty bees  is a secure out of the box to protect your customers data.

7. Modular Design

Designed to use modules to quickly and easily to extend functionality.

8. Quick Launcher

Launch thirty bees with just the click of a few buttons.

9. Multiple Site Support

Run multiple web sites from the same admin panel

10. Multiple Currency Support

Support any currencies your business needs to use including crypto currency

11. PDF Invoices

Beautiful PDF invoices, delivery slips, and other documents for your orders.

12. File Manager

Manage all of your uploaded files through the file manager.

13. Multiple Language Support

Great internationalization and language support to better localize.

14. Powerful Filtering

Filter from products, stock, attributes, or features to easily show products.

15. Clean Admin Interface

Clean and powerful administration panel to manage your site.

And many many more features available to all.

Thirty bees also run a robust marketplace for developers to sell their work like to help extend further the platform capabilities.

Thirty bees have an active  and vibrant community forum. A place for users and developers to come together and interact with each other. Report and solve bugs, and meet other people. And their documentation is way much better than other much bigger e-commerce platform. Find it the documentation site here.

When choosing an e-commerce platform speed needs to be a major consideration. Countless studies have shown that slower sites produce fewer sales. It has even become a ranking factor in Google. That is why speed is such a major consideration with thirty bees. We excel to be the fastest, full-featured e-commerce platform on the market. We realize the importance of increasing conversions through site speed.

Let thirty bees be your partner in delivering the fastest possible e-commerce experience for your customers, it is our specialty.

If you are looking for an intuitive and innovative e-commerce platform that is fast loading and easy to use. Thirty bees is the way.

Simply a better e-commerce system.


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