How to Differentiate Your Ecommerce Website From Competitors in 3 Effective Ways

How to Differentiate your ecommerce website from competitors in a highly competitive digital market is easier said than done. There are definite reasons why certain ecommerce development teams charge more than their competitors. And today, we are going to be looking at those effective ways most digital marketers and product designers go about differentiating one product from its competitors.

No matter what type of online store or business you are running, there are going to be others going after your customers. Winning over new customers and upselling old ones has become more challenging, to say the least.

In this article we will look at the fundamental aspects of differentiating your online store or business from that of your competitors. This is not going to be about techniques and skills. I want to present this from my point of view as a consumer myself.

Let’s dive right in!

How Do I Differentiate certain ecommerce website from others?

#1. With how they offer their products or services in the way that they’d use it themselves.

Talk about how your customers will love your website so much is a really good way to differentiate your ecommerce website from your competitors. When your customers looks forward to seeing it each day. Your friends are gonna ask you what your secret is.

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t care about how much work you put into designing the ecommerce website. They want to know how your product or service will benefit them. So you have to paint a very clear picture of how much better their lives will be as a result of buying what you’re selling. Your ecommerce website must be able to add value to your customers’ lives.

Another thing you can do to present your product or services in a way you’d use it yourself is to make visitors feel more at home with you. When people doesn’t know you yet, they require a good deal of selling on your part to convince them that you deserve their business. Testimonials play an essential role in making prospects feel more at home with you. People are relational in nature. When they see others are using and feeling good about your product or services, they would be more open to paying for it.

#2. When they make their pitch so that it is appealing and makes sense.

Create a unique angle and adjusting your messaging to suit your customers so that it is appealing to them. Figuring out a specific angle is the easiest way to differentiate your ecommece website from your competitors. You don’t always have to differentiate by changing your product, it’s just about how you pitch it to the consumers.

Take a look at AirBnb for example. They offer people the opportunity to make money from their home. Compare that to others that just offer vacation rentals, and it’s a night and day difference.

Another example is how we offer our clients the perks of having Cache API modules and other free stuff, with our prestashop-thirtybees hosting packages. Because we make speed and performance a priority for our clients, it makes sense for them to have that in the development of their prestashop-thritybees ecommerce website. They love it. It saves them time looking for premium modules that does not even do half of what our Cache API module does. And it saves them in the development both in time and money. The best thing is, they don’t have to worry about anything related to speed and performance. We take care of it from day one.

We understand that there are a lot of websites out there that offers the same services and products we do. Our advantage is that, we only develop prestashop-thirtybees ecommerce websites. And we are good at it! We do not pretend to know all ecommerce systems out there, because we don’t! But we are good at what we do with 2 decades of experience in ecommerce development combined. And not only that, shoptech media provides all our clients with everything they need to run their ecommerce website. From FREE performance modules, to prestashop-thirtybees ecommerce hosting, to emailing system.

Nobody else does this! And that is what makes us unique.

#3. When what they have created is user-friendly and have less hiccups.

How would you differentiate your ecommerce website from competitors? or your product? Make it easy for people to use. Makes it easy for visitors to find your contents and share them. Make it easy for them to navigate and get around your website pages.

Navigation are an under-estimated functionality of your ecommerce website. Ensure that the navigation of your website is easy. The links and menus must be easy to find and follow. Test your website periodically for things that you might have missed or might not work anymore such as forms, buttons, etc.

Spend much time to make sure your ecommerce website is viewable on all devices. Check for its responsiveness. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing for a fact that you saw some items at a certain category on your computer, but they do not show up on your tablet.

Get a good, clean, simple design. Yours is an ecommerce website. Simplicity and functionality should be your focus. For companies that have a main product that is the focal point, it is best to have a simpler theme showcasing the product. However, if your company has many items, then a dynamic design that promotes all your items is best.

Color schemes go hand in hand with the design of your website. The easier the words can be seen on your background the better, since the last thing customers want is having a hard time reading the description. Here is a checklist of the ultimate characteristics of an ecommerce website.

In conclusion

You want to differentiate set your ecommerce website apart from competitors? Try your website out for yourself and your friends, and see if it is. Remember that everyone is a consumer at some point in their life that includes you; just try to recall the last time you bought something online. What did you like or dislike? Was there anything you wish you could change? Your personal experiences will help you create a user-friendly website from both the vendor’s and consumer’s point of view. The most important thing to ask is, am I adding value to other people’s lives?

Let me know what you think in the comment section. And if i may, please share to your social media friends. Thanks and ciao! 🙂


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