How To Avoid PayPal Freezing Your Accounts?

Over the last couple of years, there have been several notable instances in the gaming industry where a publisher accepted a significant number of pre-orders via PayPal, only to see those funds frozen until after they delivered the games. That kin

Should there be an Adsense in eCommerce Website?

I was browsing early today about adsense placement and I came across this suggested long key word search by Google, “3 tips to place adsense to your eCommerce website.”My reaction was one of amusement. Why would an eCommerce website pu

Review of Our Ecommerce Website development Process

Are you using the right ecommerce website platform? If you are not sure about what platform to use for your ecommerce website development, you may want to read our previous content on which ecommerce  website platform to use? Every store owner ne

speed up your ecommerce website

Speed Up Your Ecommerce Website With CacheAPI

Is Your Prestashop-thirtybees website page load slow? Speed Up Your Ecommerce Website with CacheAPI. Have you ever optimized everything and yet nothing helps? Maybe you did, but is not satisfied with the page load speed. If you could only stave of

My Ecommerce Website Have Confirmation Email problems!

What happen when you encounter a problem with your Ecommerce Website is Not Sending Emails? For some reason, you are not getting any emails! You know you were suppose to receive an email from a purchase confirmation, but it is not in your INBOX! T

How to Backup Prestashop-thirtybees Ecommerce Website

A regular backup of prestashop-thirtybees ecommerce website is an important part of running an online store. When all is well with our ecommerce website, we never think about backups, it’s always when we lost the data we say, “if only

What to do when my hackers attack your ecommerce website?

Hackers attack your ecommerce website when you become popular. Hackers and spammers alike usually starts to become a big problem along with piracy. As far as prestashop is concerned and with its fork Thirtybees ecommerce, it is and has not been im

Best Way To Drive Sales Up With Social Proof widgets

Social Proof widgets are awesome but at the same time an enigma to some customers. Some are totally annoying while others are ultra helpful. Somebody said this on a forum we frequent to, “I’ve just had a look at a bracelet site. and se

Best way to install a Prestashop-thirtybees theme?

When you look at a demo Prestashop-thirtybees theme, it looks stunningly “beautiful” and the set-up seems absolutely easy. But once you install a prestashop-thirtybees theme purchased from a third party developer, problems arise here a

optimize prestashop-thirtybees website performance

5 Tips to Optimize Prestashop-thirtybees Website Performance

Optimize Prestashop-thirtybees website performance with these 5 wonderful and easy tips from your prestashop-trhirtybees developers. PrestaShop-thirtybees ecommerce are open source platforms that allow anyone to create their own online shop. Writt

Who are ShopTech Media Ecommerce Development team?

ShopTech media ecommerce development team pilots ShopTech Media. We are Prestashop-thirtyBees ecommerce website developers, contributors, and enthusiasts. Our goal is to make the world of Prestashop-thirtyBees accessible to small and medium busine