How to Properly Install Prestashop Ecommerce Website

Install Prestashop ecommerce website properly and in just a few minutes. Today, we would like to begin a new series of content. We feel that there is a great need to provide our users with the optimal knowledge of Prestashop or its fork, thirty be

Best Way to Use FAQPage Structured Data in Ecommerce Website

Using FAQPage structured data of your Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page is an excellent way to have your FAQ page listed by google search in a rich text display. Properly marked up FAQ pages becomes eligible to be displayed as a rich result on

Three Must-have Module For Ecommerce Website Development

Must-have module for ecommerce are modules that you can’t do without in your ecommerce website. But merchants are – most of the time -quite funny, they often look for the best module for their Prestashop ecommerce website development!

Implement Structured Data to Courses Website

Courses Website helps people learn new skills, teach them how to use something. Many courses website are geared to advanced careers, and explore people’s hobbies by sharing someone’s knowledge. Implement structured data to courses webs

easy to use ecommerce platform

Thirtybees – An Easy to Use Ecommerce Platform

Thirtybees is an Easy to use ecommerce platform! That phrase says it all! Thirty bees is a robust but light E-commerce system, it is as easy to use as it can get. It can be hosted in your own web hosting choice or  have it hosted on the cloud. Wh

What is Carousel Structured Data and How To Implement it?

Carousel Structured Data can indeed transform your search results from a boring blue link to a rich result with visually-striking elements. Carousel Structured Data are horizontal list-like display of search results. Google search engine usually p