Help Grow Your Business With These Powerful Life Tips

To Grow your business can be daunting. When the initial excitements has died down, just keeping yourself on tip top shape mentally can be quite frustrating and energy sapping. I know, because I have been to that road before. And I can only speak f

Taking Advantage of Prestashop-thirtybees Multi-store Feature

The Prestashop-thirtybees multi-store feature has been a fixture of releases for a while since Prestashop version 1.5. Today, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to provide in-depth feedback on its usage. This post is useful to websi

What Can You Do To Protect Your Website From Chargebacks

So you found a customer, made the sale. You thought the story ends happily for you. The next morning, you found a notification of a chargeback. What the hell is this? How do you protect your website from chargebacks? What is a Chargeback? A charge

What does US Leaving UPU Mean for Your E-commerce Business

In more than 100 years, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) has not had a meeting as momentous as today. This time they meet to discuss US Leaving UPU. The UPU, a global organization backed by a treaty that sets shipping rates from country to country

Learning Prestashop-Thirtybees Payment Options

Today we are going to be talking about Prestashop-Thirtybees Payment Options platform. We are going to learn how to set up payment processor, and configure it accordingly. The basis for an e-commerce site is to allow the buyer to pay online. For t