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We’re a team, and we pilot ShopTech Media. With a combined  20+ years of web development experience in the field of ecommerce platforms, blogs, and custom PHP websites. We can confidently keep our heads up when it comes to deep knowledge of how ecommerce websites work.

Shoptech Media team are confident Prestashop and ThirtyBees developers, contributors, and enthusiasts. With at least 10+ years of experience in Prestashop and thirty bees ecommerce website development. Our goal is to make the world of Prestashop and ThirtyBees accessible to everyone who needed a ecommerce website that actually works, to sell their product online.

We created an in-depth Prestashop and ThirtyBees video Masterclass tutorials on the site to help webshop owners and enthusiast learn Prestashop and ThirtyBees, and we have created cool stuff and addons to make webshops run smoothly and perform better against their competitors.

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If you’d like to reach us directly with thoughts, suggestions, or questions about ShopTech Media or Prestashop and ThirtyBees itself—please drop us a line at contact@shoptech.media.

To keep in touch and be the first to hear when we find something cool, you should follow ShopTech Media on Twitter or find us on Facebook.

Also, you should definitely join our mailing list! We email out once a week (we never spam you) with our own video and other tutorial, plus the Prestashop and ThirtyBees news we’ve found over the week.

What Else Do We Do

  • We run a screen sharing app called ShareScreen.
  • We run a hosting service for prestashop and thritybees systems.
  • We also created ShopTech Mail, a mail server to run your webshop email marketing.
  • We also created a full multimedia Prestashop and Thirtybees Masterclass for webshop owners and managers.
  • We also run a cool addons webshop called addons.shoptech.media.
  • And an accounting system to save webshop owners time to manage their sales, however it is on the earliest stage of development.


Enjoy your visit!

Shoptech Media Clients

Client Name:


As a super enjoyable leisure activity, dragons have fascinated children, young people and adults around the world for hundreds of years. It is an activity where everyone can participate and experience hours of good times with friends and family.

System: Prestashop
Client Since: 2017-08-21
Client Name:


Medium parafoil from HQ with a wing catch of 2.2 meters. This size is the most sold because of the appropriate flight speed and tensile strength ratio. The dragon can easily be flown by children from 8-9 years at moderate winds, but by fresh wind, the dragon pulls considerably, and can easily '' move a little '' with an adult pilot.

System: Prestashop
Client Since: 2017-08-16
Client Name:

flashfotovideo Denmark

Flashfotovideo is Denmark's largest store focusing on study equipment for the demanding photographer.

System: Thirtybees
Client Since: 2018-05-12
Client Name:

flashfotovideo German

Flashfotovideo is Denmark's largest store focusing on study equipment for the demanding photographer.

System: Thirtybees
Client Since: 2019-03-27
Client Name:


We are a less cost-conscious dental depot without high fixed costs for eg. marketing. Therefore, we do not need a high profit on the products we sell. We have visited the manufacturers in the factories and made sure to negotiate some good shopping prices home that can benefit our customers, the dentists.

System: Prestashop
Client Since: 2015-08-23
Client Name:


Gustrado.com is made for small niche products, and goods that have a certain class and quality, can come to you as a customer, throughout Denmark, without being too expensive, despite their quality.

System: Prestashop
Client Since: 2016-09-25
Client Name:


Insect protein started in 2016 by Niels Krogsgaard Otten. The idea of ​​producing insects in the Nordic climate had grown from idea to real production, though on a very small scale. The production of the insect black soldier fly grew and a new insect production plant was started in 2016.

System: Thirtybees
Client Since: 2017-01-06
Client Name:


Our goal is to be the best for our work. We have Denmark's fastest delivery of games and programs, and we will be Denmark's largest supplier. When you think of games and software, we will be the first name that pops up in your head.

System: Thirtybees
Client Since: 2018-07-25
Client Name:


JP HobbyKØREVEJ 27 Uggelhuse 8960 Randers SØ  TLF:  51235901CVR: 33409117

System: Thirtybees
Client Since: 2017-03-29

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