Black friday is like an unstoppable force, there is no stopping it. People are going to go into spending frenzy in 2019 in spite of the trade war between US and China. But will your ecommerce store take off with it?

Black Friday holiday was by far the cheapest event in 2018 in the US. Driven by the trade war with China, here is what we can read at businessinsider:

This year could be the last truly cheap Black Friday as long as President Donald Trump maintains his trade war with China.

Increased tariffs on Chinese goods so far have not been widely felt by the typical US consumer, and this Black Friday has seen another onslaught of deals.  But by this time next year, the consequences of measure including 25% tariffs on billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese goods will have made their way to store shelves and hampered retailers’ ability to offer rock-bottom prices.

Will 2019 still have a robust black friday  holiday?!

Consumers race to shop in stores and online last year’s black friday. Some say that this year’s deals may not be as good as Trump’s trade war is expected to hit Black Friday. But that is all speculations. Customers are unfazed! Even as of this writing, a lot of stores are already preparing for a robust black friday sale in 2019, like this pre-black friday ad.

The question is, will your ecommerce online store take off this Black Friday?

Black Friday holiday sales is the time to make SALES!

This yearly even has become – and has been for decades – a day of spending spree and big big discounts! People associate this day as such. When I hear about this event, what I immediately visualize in my head are price crashes with crazy percentages. I can see it especially in social media like Twitter with people sharing deals that offer price reductions of up to 70%, or even much more. Truly is a time for your online business to make SALES!

Check this out from black friday dot com published on September 3 for maurices:

Black Friday is almost here and if you’re heading out to Maurices, store hours are likely to remain the same with all locations closed on Thanksgiving day but open early on Black Friday morning (most stores open at 6:00AM to 10:00PM). Although we don’t yet have the sale details, we expect to see a similar offer to the one from last year: $40 off every $100 you spend (see further down this page for details from last year). The moment we are able to confirm the offers we will get them posted here on Blacker Friday for you — Check back soon for updates or signup to our newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Black fridays can be compared to an extreme flash sales like clearing out sales and it allows for quick re-stocking on unsold items and generate a fast uptick of sales before the arrival of the year end holiday extravaganza.

Crazy is as Crazy as it gets on Black Friday holiday

What is crazy about it is the behavior of people, and how we can affect their buying behavior by smashing down prices. People just get crazy about spending on this day!

Companies are propping up pre-sales events. Check out this ad from dell this 2019 black friday as seen in bestblackfriday dot com.

You see, this early, all the major ecommerce stores are sending out email campaigns and advertisements both offline and online like dell, wallmart, etc.

Black Friday at this year,  check out their advertisement for 2019 black friday!

Even if I am not necessarily a fan of the trend, when one is a businessman, you try to put yourself in a position of gain at all places possible. This year is going to be another big black friday sales event.

The importance cannot be over-empasized, people drove into a spending spree on black friday! After all, the main goal of commerce is to sell.

From the information above, we can fairly say this coming black friday is going to be huge for ecomerce businesses! Whether one business benefits from it or not will depend in it’s preparation and the important they placed on running sales campaign leading to the event.

Start early! As in now!

Here are a few things you can do for your website!

  1. Check your website load speed. You dont want your customers staring at a blank page when clicking your link. Your website must load fast. If you need help, contact us.
  2. Put your targeting plan in place, today NOT in November.
  3. Start your sales pitch today. Get the word out! Use your social media accounts to run black friday pre-sales! Send out emails to friends and followers letting them know your upcoming black friday event.
  4. Create a black friday page on your website to serve as a landing page!

Why is it important to run a holiday sales campaign for black friday now?

Reason #1. People are Scouring the internet for hot deals this early. They are looking out for items they need that may be on sale, such as appliances like televisions, etc. This is now the best time to run an ad campaign like google adwords, social media ads, etc.

Reason #2. People are Using social media websites to locate Black Friday sales. Advertise your deals online through social media. Create Facebook pages or Twitter feeds of your ecommerce website, and do a social media ads campaign that includes the keywords “Black Friday” to target specific searchers

Reason #3. People are checking their emails for email campaign deals! Send out email sales campaign  that showcase your Black Friday deals before it happens. Take advantage of how open people are going to read and click email campaigns that says “30% or 50% off on all product this black friday!”

Not convinced yet? Consider this few mind-numbing Black Friday statistics:

In conclusion,

Black friday is a huge event for online businesses. Black friday is a time when people wants to spend their money. And if you are running an ecommerce website this is an event you are going to have to take advantage of. Prepare your ecommerce store for black friday this early, and never miss out on your potential sales when November 29 comes around! Plan and prepare for it NOW!

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