Suppose you have a new product you want to sell online. Is there a best option to sell product online.

You have your target group penciled in, and figured it does not need much explaining to get people to buy, you will definitely be able to sell it.

Everything about the product is ready for shipping, you have your stock with you ready for sale. Now, you are struggling with the idea of how to get this out to people to sell to. Finding the right keywords and doing a good holiday sales campaign is tough enough to get traffic, and you are wondering where you should send the prospects to.

Initial research on what is the best option to sell product online

You have made you initial research and have been to forums to get ideas from people on the marketing niche and maybe have read something like the following:

I have never sold an item that I promoted with adwords. In those ads I always have exactly the picture of the product, the price and the description. The last one was pointing to ebay and that was obvious. No surprises, if you click on it.

Why does anyone click on an ad to then not buy if it is so obviously clear what you get? Is it all click fraud? Why do people always say that adwords helped them when I don’t have this experience AT ALL.

Overall I have already paid $xxxx for different campaigns with NOTHING in return. Not a single sale.

I am so sick of the low-quality traffic that google sends to me. And I don’t even see options to change it. I looked at the “Placements”. Google put it on pages only retarded people visit. At least then it’s no surprise they are too dumb to comprehend anything. One page was not even found(404) but according to google, it had 400 impressions. Most pages where people alledgedly clicked have horrible design, stuck in the 90ies, enormeous clickbait pages. Only 2 or 3 are good.

You realize that it is not easy to sell product online.

Now the struggle is real! Are you going to sell your product on Ebay? Amazon perhaps? Or have my own ecommerce website built? Google Ads have become so negative to you, you are not even mentioning it.

In this post, I am going to present arguments as to what is the best long term option for you to sell your new product online. But first I want to put this thought forward:

There is no easy way to sell product online and where you want to be in the internet or in life in general. You have to put in the work and time!

Let’s get some idea of what is best option to sell product online along with the advantages and disadvantages!

A.) What if I send traffic to my landing page for people to click the link to ebay or amazon later?

The Advantages are:

– Conforms to most ad platform’s tos.
– Does not require you to do an optimization of secure selling/payment

The Disadvantages are:

– Requires you to create a landing page that keeps the users attention and remove his suspicion
– You will look like an affiliate website
– impossible for you to track conversions

B.) What about sending the traffic straight to ebay or amazon?

The Advantages are:

– Does not require me to do an optimization of secure selling
– Does not require me to create a landing page that keeps the users attention and fights his suspicion as eBay or amazon are well known

The Disadvantages for me are:

– I will look like an affiliate marketing approach selling someone else’s product
– most people want to have a landing page first for them to be lured into buying
– impossible for me to track my conversions

C.) What if I create/build my own ecommerce website and send the traffic to  my landing page and have them buy there?

The Advantages for me are:

– Does not look like an affiliate marketing because I will be selling my own product
– I can track my conversions


– I have to have a website that makes visitors trust
– Does require me to do an optimization of secure selling
– I have to create a landing page that keeps the users attention and fights his suspicion

Which of those options is best to sell product online?

The obvious answer is of course to have your own ecommerce website created/built and send the traffic to  your landing page and have your customers buy there?

If you need help in development of your ecommerce website, contact us by using the contact form. We are here to help.

Check out our previous article on how to start a successful ecommerce store.

Once you have your own website with your products you then can actually optimize for google adwords or any other network by using their conversion pixels to optimize your ad performance.

With your own site you will actually be building up a list of customers that you can potentially sell more products to down the road and that does not include what you can do on your site with upsells or bundled products.

Here are four things that we do suggest here in once you have your own website.

  1. Do a keyword and keyword targeting research and strategy. Fix your keyword strategy and try targeting intend based keywords
  2. Secondly, do analyze your competitors and go through in-depth research. It is common practice to make some similar posts content and follow the same targeted audience in social media.
  3. Thirdly, concentrate on organic traffic with good quality SEO. Hire an SEO specialist rather than depending on ad networks.
  4. Create and build contents. Lots and lots of content. Not just any content, relevant and consistent content.

Don’t rush anything or expect an easy path!

There is no easy way to where you want to be in the internet or in life in general. You have to put in the work and time!

You have to feel good about your business and earn doing so. Give your attention and energy to something that feels good, fun and generous, to enjoy the ride and to see greater success. Running your own ecommerce website is the best long term solution to sell a new product online.

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