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Today’s post is going to be different from all our articles published in this blog. With the spread of corona virus, and all are affected by uncertainty of the future, I deemed it necessary to write a piece addressed to all entrepreneurs out there. You have been working so hard and in long hours! Sometimes, putting aside other important stuff to get ahead in our societies’ rat race, in which you can’t be blame at all. Today, I want you to focus on spending your time on things that matters. Not that your business matter less. But because it does! And your future demands it.

We all know what time is for. Or do we? Some of you perhaps could aptly divide your time in segments: family time, work time, personal time. As we speak, there are people in the world today, whose time is radically shortened by the challenge we all are facing. Others, whose jobs are on hold or whose companies have no clear path forward, time might feel like it’s in a sudden abundance—a bounty of unused hours.

No matter your circumstance is, I hope you’ll consider this:

Our time matters more now than it ever has.

Do not waste it.

Use it.


It may feel like the world is shut down, but it’s not: It is teeming with life and opportunity. No matter the changes going on in your life and mine, the world will continue to revolve, and time along with it.

We can all reevaluate our time and the work we spent at our businesses and work. In the time of before corona virus, we may have juggled hundreds of different projects and tasks. Now is the time to ask ourselves:

How can each hour I spend create the most impact?

Which projects just aren’t worth the time anymore?

What will set me up for the future—where people will remember what we did today, and be even more engaged with us tomorrow?

These are hard but necessary questions, and I encourage you to ask them of yourself. Some beloved ideas will have to be abandoned—and, sure, I’ve been sad about some of that, but then I’ve seen the impact of time well spent.

I’m seeing a reorientation, and a new set of expectations. I’m seeing people who need new things, and the enormous benefits of serving them.

Someday, this will all be over. The coronavirus will be defeated, and we will create a new normal. And when we do, people will remember everything that happened during these months. They’ll know who treated them well, and who was there for them, and who understood them then, and who is with them going forward.

That is what we should be spending our time on. This is what matters most.

There is no wasted time today. Not a second. Spend it on your foundation—your family, your team, your relationships, your ideas and execution, and on the work you can do today and the even greater things you can reveal tomorrow.

We are in this together! See you on the other side!


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