I was browsing early today about adsense placement and I came across this suggested long key word search by Google, “3 tips to place adsense to your eCommerce website.”My reaction was one of amusement. Why would an eCommerce website put an advertisement about a product from probably a competition? It does not make sense, right? I knew you would agree.

I clicked the linked and actually found an eCommerce website with an adSense on it. And where do I see the advertising block appears? You guess it correctly. Right in the top of the frontpage. What are they thinking? Do they even believe in the product they sell? Because, to me, it looks like they don’t! As a visitor, all it is telling me is this, 

“We dont like our product, really. If you want, we want you to go to this place and buy their product, it is a really cool product! So, go ahead get out of our store and never come back! We don’t want you to buy our product, which we don’t like anyway!” Sounds funny, right?

I am not an expert on google adsense or adwords, infact I rarely used it. The last time I worked on adwords was 6-7 years ago. I did OK i guess. But I know for sure what adsense is for. And I know that adsense in ecommerce Website doesn’t make sense.

What is AdSense for? 

Adsense are ad blocks that you place on your site and will automatically serve advertising from Google other advertisers. When users click on this ad you earn money. Below is a screenshot of  sample ad blocks.


So, Adsense in ecommerce Website makes no sense, no? 

The idea for placing an ad is to gain clicks for products sold by another website and in turn, you as the website owner gets a commission? But unless your website gains thousands of clicks a day, adsense does not make sense at all. The scant amount earned from clicks does not commensurate with the effect it will have in the psyche of your website visitors. Having said that, why would you place it on your ecommerce website that garners not even a hundred visits? You earn a few cents while Google and the advertisers earns hundreds or even thousands from that ad.  Not to mention, your website is selling something that is of a competitor to the product your ad is selling.

Adsense in ecommerce Website messes up your customer as they navigate.

Imagine you are a customer, you navigate on a site, you already know what interests you. Do you like it when someone place an ad in front of you saying, WATCH THIS! COME ! AND BUY THIS! WONDERFUL THINGS TO SELL AVAILABLE NOW “?  Worst, the product being advertised is not even something you are looking for and which does not concerns you at all. It’s annoying and irrelevant to what you are doing to say the least.  Frankly, again, you are selling your own product, why would you advertise someone else’s product on your store and driving people to buy that product which you are not selling? Am I getting the point across here?

Customers are people who wants to be respected in their own privacy.

Imagine walking down the street and someone shouts at you from a window selling something. While another calls from a car and sells you another item. And another tug at your shirt and offering you a product, you have not the slightest idea about! I tell, all you will think about is how to get out of that hole! And that is precisely the effect of adsense in ecommerce Website does to customers! As shop owners and managers, we cannot afford to drive potential buyers away. We want to keep them in. Keep them interested in the products we are selling.

Now, here is what you should do instead.

Add something that is your visitors would want to have if given the money, if you want to put an ad area you can, but at least put something that is connected and relevant to what you are doing in your ecommerce website which would allow you to sell even more.

  1. Put an after sales area where you can offer products in your store that other buyers have bought along with the product the just bought. It’s a good one.
  2. You may also place an ad where you can offer product sales pack of certain group of products bundled together for a unique price.
  3. You can also place a message area letting your customers know that someone has just bought this or that product. We call these store activities as “Social proofs”. It allows your store to be proactive in the way you handle your sales program.
  4. Place a product combination area where your customers can buy a product with a product attached to it on a discounted price, like a buy 1-take-1 or buy 3 for the price of 1.

To sell ​​more is your goal, yes? So, SELL MORE! Do Not advertise other products on your store. Your whole store activity and design should be geared to one goal only, that is, to make more sales!

Don’t get me wrong. You can earn from adsense. 
The question is “How much? If you earn 100$ with Google AdSense, yet lose out on your sales that could earn you 1000$, is that a win? Absolutely not! That space you have for adsense can be better serve by creating things to sell more!

What have we gained so far?

As much as I am 100% for Adwords and Adsense because i advertise and work with it long ago, for me, the question is who are the real winners? I am not trying to be negative about google, but yes, the Merchants probably doesnt win here. Maybe the advertisers does win a little bit, like I did. The biggest winner every time an ad is place is Google!

Putting an AdSense ad on e-commerce website is like, activating all possible blocks on Prestashop website development and thirtybees website development front-office. It gets really ugly and it’s useless.

Focus on making more sales, NOT on getting clicks for adsense!

Let us know what you think about this rant in comment section. CEOW!

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