Important Tips When Implementing Books Structured data

Implementing books structured data schema type is an action that make Google Search become an entry point for discovering books. Allowing users to outright decide to buy books directly from the result page that Google returns in the search. If you

what is prestashop

What is Prestashop ecommerce platform?

What is Prestashop ecommerce platform? Prestashop is a feature-rich, open-source e-commerce solution, and is absolutely free. You can run Prestashop ecommercer website in the cloud(self-hosting). And by downloading and installing prestashop yourse

Best Tips To Make Ecommerce Website More Appealing

Make your ecommerce website more appealing to customers,  because your website is the brand ambassador for your company. Your website should look good and paints your company in the best light possible. Because a combination of functionality and

successful dropshipping ecommerce

Guarantee A Successful Dropshipping Ecommerce Website

Successful dropshipping ecommerce website largely depends on several factors:  not only do you need an ecommerce website that stands out, in dept knowledge of your product, but of equally important, if not, the most important is to do an on-page

Easy Payment Process That Makes Customer Complete Purchase

An easy payment process makes or breaks a sales conversion. It is the final stage of every customer journey that began on product searching. But without them completing the purchase is the ecommerce website developer’s fault as much as the w