Learning Prestashop-thirtybees Shipping Carriers

Prestashop-thirtybees shipping carriers is an integral and crucial part of your ecommerce website! It is going to be a vital turning point for your e-commerce website especially this up-coming holidays. Every country uses or have its own shipping

How to Make Sure You Are Not Losing Sales

In e-commerce nothing is for certain, what you have to do is to make sure you are not losing sales. Because even if your website worked well initially, you can have a lot of unforeseen events that will make you loose sales. Warning:  DO NOT TAKE

What is the Best Option to Sell Product Online?

Suppose you have a new product you want to sell online. Is there a best option to sell product online. You have your target group penciled in, and figured it does not need much explaining to get people to buy, you will definitely be able to sell i

Working the Prestashop-thirtybees Product Catalog

The Prestashop-thirtybees product catalog is the heart of your ecommerce website! Having a product catalog that is carefully thought-out goes a long way to the success of your online store. In this tutorial, we will together, go through the proces

Will Your Ecommerce Store Take Off on Black Friday holiday?

Black friday is like an unstoppable force, there is no stopping it. People are going to go into spending frenzy in 2019 in spite of the trade war between US and China. But will your ecommerce store take off with it? Black Friday holiday was by far

What is a ecommerce landing page and how does it work?

A landing page on my ecommerce website? Yes, a landing page! Have you heard of it before? Do you know that ecommerce landing pages are often the best weapon when you do targeted advertising? It is the best way to convert visitors into sales for yo

Learning Prestashop-thirtybees Home and Footer Blocks

In this series episode we are going to be Learning Prestahop-thirtybees home and footer blocks. I mentioned the last lesson series Working with Banners effectively, that we are gonna be working on blocks, and we did! The slider module is actually

homepage banners

Working with Homepage banners and home blocks

Working with homepage banners can be fun but it can also be frustrating if you do not know where to go. The home page of your shop must make the user want to buy, the buyer must quickly understand what you have to offer. That is why it is importan

How To Change and Customize Your Websites Horizontal Menu

Customize your website horizontal menu and make it blend seamlessly with the overall feel of your ecommerce website. In today’s modern website, browsing through site pages and content is often via a horizontal menu. Your horizontal should be

Reasons Not To Use Your Ecommerce Platform of Choice

If you are trying to weigh up PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, and thirty bees for your ecommerce website.. What  could be the reasons not to use your ecommerce platform of choice? A lot of article on the internet have been written in s