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Improving a product listings is an ever changing and evolving exercise for ecommerce website manager and owners. The question you should ask yourself is mainly whether the content copy you have written will really help your customers. The reason behind this is that the product catalog is the heart of your ecommerce website! Having a product catalog that is carefully thought-out goes a long way to the success of your online store.

And many times, you need to find good ideas how to  improve it. Where can you find better ideas about your product pages other than the largest and biggest ecommerce store in the world – amazon! Looking at it this way makes Amazon your friend, and not your competitor.

Amazon is your friend, and an ally when improving your ecommerce website functionality and product listing.

More often I hear people saying, Amazon is killing the market for small online websites, and that it would be better for SME’s to switch business rather than to compete with a gigantic company. And I agree with that somewhat! But if we try to look at it from a different angle, we might just profit from Amazon. How? You may ask. While it is true that they are huge and strong company – i don’t think somebody is going to take their place soon – there is a way to use that to improve your product listings.

How to use Amazon’s massive structure to improve your product listings?

When a company is “massive”, small and medium ecommerce enterprises should function like a parasite, a “tick”. Ticks basically piggyback on large animals and feed on them. They suck their host resources to their full. They ride on their host to go to places they might not be able to go to on their own.

Stick to Amazon like a parasite!

use amazon to advantage

This may sounds barbaric or what, but the idea is use this immense force called Amazon and use it as a benchmark to gauge, evaluate, and measure product awareness, and trends. No one can stop Amazon but Amazon itself. Why fight it? So let’s ride it and make more money along. Isn’t it better that way?

Instead of spending long and precious time and money on coming up with better ideas and design for your product listings, go to Amazon and have a good look. They’ve spent millions testing and re-testing those design and layouts to see which work and which does not! So, why reinvent the wheel when you can just suck that out of them?

Amazon e-commerce is a force so strong, we have never seen anything like it ever.

If you go head to head with it, well, good luck with that! You are going to get obliterated for sure! That’s why many ecommerce merchant who looks at them as competition, they are discouraged! Who wouldn’t be? How are you going to compete with such unstoppable energy? The best we can do with it is to use that same strength to maneuver your way around it!

Here are 4 IDEAS you could use Amazon feedback to improve your product listings

#1. Read the Amazon reviews to get into customers thoughts and opinions on product similar to yours.

There is a high probability that the product you are selling or maybe a product of the same kind is on sale on Amazon. What’s cool about this is that there will be a lot of user generated contents in there. And you can use these user generated information to paint yourself a good picture of a product which people are looking for. These real opinions can be positive or negative – but all the same, you can take advantage of these opinions and comments to create and improve your product listing. Or even improve your overall content copy on your own prestashop-thirtybees e-commerce store.

For example if I am selling “iottie car mount dashboard pad product”, and search for  it over at Amazon it will lead me to this product with a lot of reviews on it.

iottie car mount dashboard pad

Find additional information that might help buyers on you website

I can of course be content to take the information the seller created for this product, or I could go to the reviews customers made about this product and find other information that might help buyers on my website.

iottie car mount dashboard pad

So now I can offer additional information about my product and say, this “product is best suited colder areas” or say that “your product sticks to the dashboard even when exposed to sunlight/heat” for example.

#2. Watch out for negative comments related to compatibility and usefulness of the product

Reading the comments I find for example remarks related to compatibility. This will give you a clearer picture about the weakness of your product, if the microphone does not work on certain types of devices. So it is important to make a clear and accurate list of all supported materials to avoid returns / unhappy buyers.

While not all products  have 100 comments, these customer comments will help you to filter the information that should be included and/or excluded in your product description page. This way, you not only benefit from Amazon with the added information that their users provided, you also is able to make amendments to your product page to make it better and offer a better information to your customers.

For example if I am selling Go Pro Camera. I would use Amazon to search for Go Pro Camera and look at the reviews to see for compatibility issues that users experience. Right away, I can see that, there are microphones that is not compatible with the Go Pro. This is an important information that is worth mentioning in your product description. It will give you an edge over amazon in the search keywords like “go pro camera compatibility”.

Still on Go Pro Camera. I also note the fact that it is an advantage to have a shorter microphone because it does not impede  the field of vision. There is no need for a separate power supply for the microphone so it’s very convenient, no need for battery … and it’s economical. We are also told about the recommended distance to have respectable sound, which allows us to distinguish between the real value provided by the manufacturer and the reality input from buyers.

These information are not found in the product description, but in the reviews. So, we can take advantage of that to pattern our content to what buyers are looking for particularly.

#3. Check the positive comments to determine the most liked strength of the product and mentioned it in your product description.

The positive comments are also a good guidance in your content creation. It provides you a way to identify product strengths to put forward. This way, you are able to make the information, both negative and positive, available to your customers to help them make better buying decision.

#4. Use Amazon trends to guide you as to what product to include or remove from your stock.

If you need to renew your product catalog, consider looking at the popular products on Amazon. Check out the  categories and it will allow you to see what product people are looking for the most.

Take particular attention as to what is going on in the category associated with your market niche. Look for trends that emerges to see if your product niche is among those. Sales are good barometer to look for as an indicator.

In conclusion

There are a lot that we can do with Amazon to improve our product listings. I must admit that far too often I go there to get an idea about the products I like. Why? Because there is a very strong community of buyers behind it. These are real information. Unfiltered and unadulterated by ads. So, they are the most reliable and authentic information anybody can get for free. Customers are looking for reliability and honesty. If we can provide them that using the information we gather from Amazon, then we are helping them a lot. We are adding value to our customers.

So remember to retouch your product descriptions as well as content copy by adding strong arguments to sell better and additional information to avoid inconvenience so that whoever buys the product knows exactly what to expect.

We don’t have to compete with Amazon. We use Amazon to improve our product listings and create better online shopping experience for our customers!

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