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We believe that better ecommerce technology can help shape and improve the world of the future! While the pandemic brought about by coronavirus is scary, it also gives ample reason to be resourceful and do positive things to at least maintain ecommerce sales.

There are three things that drives an ecommerce store ecology. The supply chain, the customer shopping preference, and delivery channel. For as long as these three are functional, your ecommerce operations will go on even in the midst of a pandemic like the covid-19, the disease spread by the corona virus.

Make Sure The Supply chain is minimally disrupted

The ripple effect of Coronavirus has across the global supply chain is becoming more apparent as companies are being forced to halt production of finished goods due to lack of necessary parts provided by the quarantined region. This supply scarcity is resulting in product availability challenges for retailers across industries, and it could continue to worsen in the latter half of 2020.

As long as you keep the supply chain moving, there is no reason to stop your business operation. Keep your supply chain open. If China is not available, find other suppliers.

Consumers are more likely to turn to online shopping

As people seek to avoid risking infection in crowded spaces such as grocery stores. This happened in China., China’s largest online retailer, has seen sales of household staples such as rice and flour quadruple since the same period the previous year. There have also been more than 222 million downloads from Apple’s online store in China since the beginning of February, a surge of 40% compared to the 2019 average.

Focus on the Customer experience rather than on your discomfort

Do not lose sight of your customers. This could be a really good time to check up on your customers, to see how they are coping with the pandemic.

We at Shoptech Media believe that, whoever go the extra mile to address customer frustrations due to the impacts of Coronavirus will make a positive and lasting impression on consumers.

Thinking Outside-the-box

For instance, the current situation in quarantined cities have given rise to business people thinking-outside-of-the-box. When carriers are not able to deliver shipments to households within quarantined cities, ecommerce businesses have focus their delivery and fulfillment within acceptable distance from their warehouses.

At Shoptech Media, we have developed a shipping module, and addon, so that our clients can offer their customers a shipping option within a certain zip code where their store or warehouse is located. A really valuable tool in today’s ecommerce.

delivery wihtin zipcode

All you have to do is enter in your zip code through the admin panel. Any orders within the radius you have set will automatically have the delivery option displayed at payment process stage. This can help maintain your ecommerce sales while waiting off the storm of coronavirus.

If you believe you need to take advantage of this module please contact us using the contact us page. We will be much delighted to talk to you. Click on the link now and we will help you get through this worldwide problem.

What’s next???

Plan for Strategic direction for the coming years

Many Chinese companies have already moved from crisis response to post-recovery planning. Full-scale digitization is at the forefront of many such plans.

There is going to be a lot of change coming in the world. Shoptech Media predicts that the ecommerce side of the retail business will grow at a faster pace than previous projections. Although it is a hard time for the world, it is proof that ecommerce sales is robust and is able to answer the big questions. This is one of the positive things for the long-term goals of the digital transformation of our society.

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