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For many businesses, leveraging social and digital marketing strategies for a successful holiday season is a challenging and exciting period. For others, it can be like standing in the middle of an unending snow laden plain begging for the beach and the sunshine. Obviously, the holiday season represents an insanely busy time of year for most.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports the holiday season can represent as much as 30% of annual sales.

That is an insane figure! 30 percent!

Here is what the websites says about its recent consumer spending survey for 2019 holiday season:

October survey: Consumers plan to spend 4 percent more this year’s holidays. While Halloween 2019: Spending to reach $8.8 billion


The NRF also reports that consumers begin researching their holiday purchases earlier and earlier every year. More than half of consumers start researching in October or earlier with 33% of purchases starting in November.

With so much at stake, it’s imperative that small and medium sized business owners begin planning a marketing strategy to capitalize on the onslaught of holiday interest as soon as possible.

How do you leverage social and digital marketing strategies for a successful holiday season?

Make a plan and set up a smart goal for the holidays.

Having none is a sure way to lost your way around the business landscape. 90% of ecommerce businesses surely does not have a plan as far as social media and digital marketing is concerned. Don’t be counted for that kind of stats. Having no plan and smart goal are top reasons why most of these small businesses fail in social and digital marketing.

When you make a plan, see to it that it is measurable. Put a time limit to it and make it clear when the goal is going to be completed and what are it’s milestones.

Having one will do wonders for your ecommerce website this holidays – even if it is not “smart” – better than not having a plan at all.

If you consider that most small businesses do not have a proper social media URL. Some of the URL are not easy to remember. The URL link is often too long and there is no proper brand positioning. Most small businesses merely are just “filling up space” by registering their names on social media. There is very little update from them on social media. Some companies do not even have a Facebook post yet even though their Facebook pages had been created years ago. This is ridiculous, you might think! But it is true, according to an article on


Recreate an easy and enjoyable offline shopping experience online.

Competition in the retail industry is fiercer than ever. Between ecommerce sites and subscription services, consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to where they spend their time and money.

You sales person cannot be just that anymore. They should be as much as a product consultants as well. If your customers see you only as a sales person, it will not bode well for today’s clients.  Why? Because, they see sales persons as people who just want to get their money. While a consultant is seen as someone who is there to help them out and make them make better buying decision.

Ever wonder why pop-stores are effective in driving traffic to your online stores? The reason is that, customers get to interact with people behind the online store. It allows them to get to know you in person, and vice versa.

People are still that, people. I think a lot of digital marketers forget this. Some thinks that just because they have  an ad campaign running, and a beautiful ecommerce website up – people are going to just give them the money for the products they offer.  Relationship is still high up in people’s psyche. And I am not going to apologize for it, even in the midst of all these automations and AI around us.

Another way of improving customer experience is to get them into a really easy checkout process. If you can do it in a one-page checkout process that would be nice. The gist is to provide them a good experience all throughout their shopping time.

Check back on your store purchase history, sales data, and customer registrations for restocking

This is what your ecommerce website dashboard is for. It should provide you with a general look of your online store performance month-on-month and year-on-year.

What this does is provide a picture of your business’ performance for a period of time – to allow you to look back and check how things were and make excellent decision for your business.

As ecommerce developers, it is important for us that every online store we develop has a really good back office dashboard. That is why prestashop-thirtybees ecommerce platform has become our system of preference. It is simple, easy, and light ecommerce system. A great tool to maximize your digital marketing strategies.

Check back on your store purchase history, sales data, customer registrations, and stocks. Get those data and analyze and come up with adjustments for the holidays and make your restock decision. Do not just fill your stock because the holidays are coming. Restock because you have tangible evidence in your hand that you are gonna have a strong holiday sales coming!

Leverage social and digital marketing strategies by automating and optimizing for the holidays

Small and medium businesses that want to grow their ecommerce usually run into problems of scale simply because everything takes more time than you initially thought. And as your business grows, so does the time commitment to make sure all the elements are running well and are optimized.

Your ecommerce website should be able to allow you to slash the time it takes to replicate common tasks like product updates, sales pages, and scheduling article posts.

One of the worst mistakes we see with online deal postings is 404 errors of the deal not being found. Many times, this is due to someone in the business neglecting to activate the product page. It’s a really simple issue… that happens all the time.

Automating this will virtually eliminate this problem, ensuring the right product pages are live this time of the year, and also NOT live when the deals are over. Especially when you or your employees go on a holiday vacation! Who’s going to take care of your online store? Google search result will not wait for you just because it is the holidays!

Optimize it with the holiday sales module for prestashop-thirtybees. Sometimes it’s even worse when a potential customer arrives on an expired sale page, and the price at checkout is higher than what you’ve advertised.

Leverage social and digital marketing strategies by automizing your product and sales pages, and optimizing your contents for the holidays! For example, use keywords such as “holidays”, “sales”, “holiday sales” in your contents and sales pages.

In conclusion

To leverage social and digital marketing strategies, you need to start with a plan. In fact, the plan should have been done at the end of last season. What are you doing to do with the holidays? How are you going to handle the added activities and customer needs during the busiest time of the year? How are you going to handle the workload? What about the customer experience? Is it easy and enjoyable for your customers? And lastly, measure your website performance and start planning for next year.

Let me know in the comment section about your thoughts. As always, please do me a favor by sharing this to twitter and social media accounts. Thanks. ciao 🙂

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