SM Analytics Cost, Limits, Mobile Devices, and Traffic Performance, and Data Reuse

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How much does SM Analytics cost?

SM Analytics comes with Shoptech Media Ecommerce as a free extension. Our goal is to have everything a shop owner needs to run his ecommerce website in one place. SM Analytics is just one of our featured offering.

The SM Analytics core team have done an amazing work to get this all-important feature every ecommerce should have.

Is there any Data Limit in SM Analytics?

SM Analytics does not have data limits. Your installation will only be limited by the server resources your ecommerce website is hosted in.

Does SM Analytics track visits from Mobile devices?

Yes! SM Analytics tracks mobile website viewed within a mobile phone browser. When the browser executes Javascript, then SM Analytics will automatically work and track the site users. This will work for all kind of devices: iOs based devices such as iPhone and iPad, Android based phones or any other modern devices (running Palm Pre, Opera Mobile, Webkit, Mozilla Fennec, etc.).

Does SM Analytics work on high traffic websites?

SM Analytics can scale to millions of page views per month and/or to thousands of registered users. If you have a few hundreds visits/page views per day, SM Analytics should work fine “out of the box”. SM Analytics can only be limited by your server resources. If you have thousands of page views per day or more, we recommend to get your server on the Cloud for better traffic performance.

Can I get the data from the SM Analytics and publish, reuse, process this data in a non GPL software?

Yes, the data coming from the SM Analytics API belongs to you and is not covered by the GPL.

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