Can SM Analytics manage multiple user accounts?

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Can SM Analytics manage multiple user accounts?

SM Analytics comes with your Shoptech Media Ecommerce installation. User permission is solely reserve to your store domain. However, you can assign as many users as you like to access and manage your analytics data right in your back office dashboard. SM Analytics can only be used on a single domain, however.

How do I track several websites, domains and multiple subdomains in SM Analytics?

SM Analytics is a single domain user license.

Is there a demo somewhere I can see?

Yes, check out how awesome SM Analytics is!

Login:, 12345678

Please note that while this demo is useful to see what SM Analytics has to offer, it does not show all features. Indeed, the administration area is password protected. If you migrate to Shoptech Media Ecommerce system – you will get access to many more interesting features and reports.

How does SM Analytics ensure Privacy of my Analytics data, and Privacy of my website Visitors?

SM Analytics is the ideal Web Analytics software that respects Privacy, setting it apart from other commercial tools such as Google analytics.

Here are thing you can do through the analytics dashboard to ensure Privacy :
1) You can set to auto anonymize visitors IPs,
2) Include an analytics opt-out feature on your site,
3) Regularly delete old visitors logs,
4) Respect Do Not Track setting.

To configure Privacy features in SM Analytics, log in as a Super User, click “Administration” then click “Privacy”.


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