In e-commerce nothing is for certain, what you have to do is to make sure you are not losing sales. Because even if your website worked well initially, you can have a lot of unforeseen events that will make you loose sales.


With the fast turn around of software updates and development, as an owner- you can never sit back and let your website run without you. You must have a regular schedule to test it and frequently.

Your ecommerce website must be tested regurlarly to make sure you are not losing sales!

When our ecommerce website development team make a webshop for clients, we always test it – it is necessary that we test it – first with shoptech Media team and with the client.  WE don NOT release anything without testing. Does this mean that every website we make is perfect? Far from it! Are there any bugs? Of course there is and will be! But we do our best to keep it at the minimum. Even the giants Facebook, Google, and Amazon have bugs on their system comes up from time to time! What is important is the ecommerce website is functioning as it should and robustly tested.

The reality of all things internet- especially ecommerce – are these:

Systems that works today may NOT work the next day – and you can lose sales without you noticing.

Delighted customers help speed up your business sales by sharing their positive experiences with friends and peers, and those word-of-mouth reviews matter most to people who are making purchasing decisions.

Bad website experience drives away potential sales!

It would be too stupid to lose customers due to bad experience while using your website because you have neglected to check on your ecommerce website system, failing to do so can/will cost you $$$$. The funny thing is that –  in my experience, this is all too common around the web. I have seen websites that has not been visited much more checked for 2-3 years.

Take this to mind.

There are several factors that plays into your webshop not working and most of these evolves over time:

  • your host upgraded/downgraded server version,
  • a Prestashop or thirtybees module not compatible with upgraded.downgraded server,
  • deprecated version of PHP language used in programming the system
  • a cache system, including browser cache
  • a malicious SQL injection attack from hackers.

The list goes on and on. The race for constant evolution and maturation of the system is always on! Your website system may not have changed, but the technology that revolves around it constantly changes. Make every effort so that you are not losing sales.

Let me cite a few  of them problems that we regularly receive from clients

  • Thier customers and users are blocked during the ordering process, either at registration or at the shopping cart stage, for some reason they cannot complete the order process. Some customers may tell you about it in a feedback form or in an email, but most will not! They will just go on their way to another webshop to do their order, and worst, they tell their friends to stay away from your website that does not work. it’s a double whammy for you!
  • Another case is a “Next” button that is misplaced or can not be clicked. For some reason something is blocking the button so that it becomes impossible for anyone to click it! It is mostly a CSS and styling issue that comes up from time to time and is really annoying to customers! Watch out for it.
  • Sometimes even worse it is the payment method that does not work – one that does not redirect to the payment interface.
  • Sometimes the items customers are looking for are not easily reachable from the front page. Or there is no clear direction in the website to guide the customers and user around so that they do not get lost. Imagine if you are made to click 3 -4 times before actually seeing the product you want – it’s kind of frustrating for people who don’t have enough luxury of time to spend on the website. Remember that, their are older people among your customers too!

Let’s go back to the missing “NEXT” button for example to make sure you are not losing sales

Do not laugh at this! It may seem like a trivial issue but it highly affect buyer’s decision. If a “NEXT” button is missing or is not clickable,  How will your customers or users continue their order? This is even more true on mobile devices where we sometimes we find buttons very poorly arranged.

Google Chrome / Mobile / Tablet display

Do not use Chrome as a browser? Change your habits to make sure you are not losing sales. I myself, am a fan of Firefox, but had to use Chrome. Why ? Because the bulk of the user market is dominated by Google Chrome users and so we must test under the most used browser – whether you like it or not!

Regarding the tests for the mobile I advise to do some tests with an iPhone or Samsung , because they are the dominant manufacturers of the market. For the tablet on the other hand it’s more difficult because the tablet market is totally dispatcher between manufacturers … have at least one tablet to do some tests … and also look at times what it gives with the tablet of your friends.

Statistics indicate that you have to do your tests with the most used browser … “Google Chome”, there is no denying that Chrome dominates all other browsers.

Easy tips to run test  and see if your ecommerce website really work to make sure you are not losing sales?

Starts with your friends. Friends are the best testers for you, after all, what are friends for? Right? You have to ask them to place an order on your shop to “Test” the process. Listen to their remarks, they will have a very “important” external eye, because they do not know your website. Friends can most of the time be brutal in their assessment. Put your ego in the closet and accept the remarks, without trying to justify yourself.

Line up your relatives. Relatives are the second best testers for your website- especially if there are seniors around. Seniors must be able to order easily on your site, accessibility is a valuable input for them.

Remove Mandatory password

Some users may even wonder why they have to put a password to order on a site? The behavior of the “new” generation is very different. Never forget the “senior” class who also wants to buy on the internet. You want to make sure you are not losing sales in the senior age bracket.

In conclusion

Last but not least, note somewhere in your calendar that you need to test your shop -like “1 hour – once a week” to make sure you are not losing sales. I know it’s not very interesting to do … and we prefer to be cozy on the couch rather than test the website. But you have got to do it!

You must be responsible for your site and repeat test of the ordering process every week – especially the ordering process. That is the only way to mature your system and see to it that no buyer or a sale goes out ever again!

Think outside the box. Think, What is the Best Long Term Option to Sell a New Product Online?

Have you ever seen interesting things on your website that made you sure you are not losing sales? Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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