avoid redesign when migrating prestashop-thirtybees

Is it possible to avoid a redesign of a site and to cover all migration problems?

Hello, I want to migrate my Prestashop!

Regularly we often see requests of this type, customers who want to switch to the new version of Prestashop or ThirtyBees ecommerce. And you know what? there are a lot of small ecommerce merchants who have light budgets and others could not afford a full migration or redesign. Currently prices of redesign and migration varies from developer to develop. But you will not be surprised to find a price between 500 USD to 5,000 USD for a shop redesign … and 400 USD to 3,000 USD for the migration, and customer response will always be “Not at this price!”.

What it take to migrate and redesign?

I understand why they are absolutely right — the problem is the time that can take this operation of redesigning the ecommerce website, it takes long — a lot of patience — Basically it is better and necessary to remake a new shop from the ground up, than have it migrated to another version… because you will have lots to manage during transfer / migration … data validation, missing images, etc …

For example migrating an old version Prestashop 1.4  to Prestashop 1.6 will take time …  no matter what version you are in. This is not a task I particularly like, because you often have to “study / analyze” to be sure you can get all the information and have it running correctly once the migration is done.

What you have to understand is that many e-merchants do not have that much money to shoulder the steep prices developers ask. So an ecommerce developer will have to devise a strategy that can also match what the website owners circumstances are, if a “clean” migration really costs them too much.

For this purpose, it would be more feasible, for example, to buy a new domain name + hosting and set up a “new Prestashop store”, completely dissociated from the rest.

The goal is simple: benefit from a new tool that is up to market standards (technical requirements), and can immediately restart on a soundly. How often do you migrate large volumes of non-optimized data … even if you did “everything and follow everything to the letter” from the start. Building from scratch allows you to focus on the right questions.

Hear me out!

If you make a lot of different content between the two sites, you will be able to capture additional traffic through two different channels … if you offer the same content, you will be penalized. The goal in your head is to compete with yourself, so do not copy your site.

The existing site you will leave it alive, because it is a provider of traffic … when the statistics of it will really collapsed in the coming years, you can then redirect the domain to the new store that you have created from scratch. Makes sense?

My Advice?

Do not copy your old ecommerce website in the new one … the purpose of the redesign is to offer a new life to your business. The goal is to take everything from scratch, it will redo all your product sheets, with strict rules to something that is better.

What I will do, for example, is to add a banner on the top of the site that indicates that a new platform is open / available (via the new domain name).

There is also the concern regarding the customers. What I will rather do is run a massive mailing explaining the situation and encouraging them to register on the new site for future orders.

Find the middle ground!

Of course you will tell me that it’s better to do a “normal” migration as everyone does … It’s true, but there are technical constraints to manage, it can be arduous and long … it can take time, you have to find the right person … the right agency to do it … and the right price. Here at shoptech.media, we can deliver the best services you can find for migration, redesign, and ecommerce website development at a very friendly price. But think about it more.

With this method of  doing it in as a  NEW site, you will have the necessary time to rethink your business, while having your old site in production. Be careful, remember this rule, do not copy and paste, enjoy re-inventing yourself.

Tell us what you think about this suggestion.

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