With the cities being locked down all over the world due to the quick spread of corona virus. People from all walks of life share the same struggle: “boredom”.

With nothing else to do, and ecommerce managers and owners forced to stay home, we have gathered several ideas to keep you up and motivated, things you need to do during these corona virus lockdown.

#1. Set up your social media accounts like facebook page

Run ads if you have not done so, or create other social media accounts to get your business out to a wider audience.

#2. Put up a sign or a message in your webshop

that says you do not make shipments to undeliverable zip code areas and closed businesses.

Shoptech Media built a module/addons for webshops that allows admin to easily enter a particular zip code product delivery availability. Contact us if you think you need this capability in your webshop.

#3. Keep track on your carrier’s

website for updates surrounding the corona virus to see if delivery to a specific area or country is still possible.

When a country is in full corona virus lockdown, no one is allowed to go out onto the streets, unless there is a valid reason. Depending on the situation in each country, carriers might not be able to enter a specific zone anymore. Keep in mind that parcels and handling claims will be delayed. If carriers cannot enter a specific part of a country, then delivery to these areas will be impossible.

#4. Ensure you find back-up

or alternative suppliers for your raw materials or products, or find alternative manufacturers.

#5. Try to expand your product range.

Adding alternative products from various suppliers helps to spread the risk if one supplier fails with their fulfillment.

#6. Stay in touch with your supplier.

Make sure you have a good relationship with your suppliers and ask for regular updates. Keep in mind that it will be a stressful time for your suppliers too. Stay polite and respectful of their own struggles, otherwise you could risk damaging your relationship with them indefinitely.

#6. Remain honest with your customers,

particularly with stock or delivery issues. Don’t shy away from sharing the struggles you as a business are facing with the corona virus lockdown. We’re all in this together as a society, and it’s not admitting to a failure or fault of your business. Most customers will likely respond positively, understand the situation, and may even surprise you by offering their support. The key is to inform your customers of the potential problems before it leaves them disappointed.

#7. Keep up to date with current affairs.

Take note of the measures being implemented, and calculate how they will affect your supply chain, delivery capabilities and to what markets, your workforce, and your general operations.

Track the the spread and real time numbers of corona virus here.

#8. Start a collaboration with an offline retailer.

Offline retailers are significantly struggling in these times. By working together you can both increase your sales and broaden your target audience.

#9. Think of discount promotions

on certain products from a local business, which you can then facilitate the delivery of. You can also look into working with more local suppliers, or selling products from local creators.

#10. Communicate and advertise at the right time.

The shelves of the supermarkets are stocked at fixed times a day. If you sell products that are also available in the supermarket, schedule your ads in the times where the shelves are likely to be empty and people will start searching online for an alternative.

#11. Make sure your website is running at optimum capacity.

It is possible that you see an increase in traffic to your website because people have more time scouring the internet for things they want. Make sure it is not overloaded and does not crash.

#12. Provide flexibility in delivery.

Do not focus your pillars on just one carrier, but look at several options. Switch, for example, when a carrier cannot handle the crowds or cannot reach a certain destination. You can also look into alternative local carriers like bike couriers as an alternative.

#13. Be prepared for any change.

What applies today may be different tomorrow. This corona virus lockdown has brought about uncertainty everywhere. Therefore, make sure you are as flexible as possible and keep your customers proactively informed of changes and delays in deliveries.

#14. Revising your gross order demand and net sales:

One executive last week said, considering the effects on order demand early in this infectious cycle,

“I would expect this to decrease demand by at least 3%-5%. Worst case, based on current information, is that demand will be 10%-15% below plan.”

#15. Create a video presentation

about a certain product you are selling. This would be the perfect time to create other mode of presenting your product with plenty of time on hand.

#16. Think about your own health

and that of the people around you. The last thing you don’t want is to get infected with corona virus. Make sure you observe proper distancing and correct practices during this lock down.

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What’s Next..??

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