Here at Shoptech Media, we have seen a lot of ecommerce website marketing being abandoned, for reason that the owner does not have time to spend on it. Only to come back later after several months or a year asking why and what happens to his ecommerce website?

Ecommerce Website Marketing under-estimated

There must be a lot of people in the world who signed up, start creating websites hosted on paid hosting services, and then for one reason or another pack it in & quit. Maybe they didn’t get the quick success they hoped, maybe their circumstances changed and didn’t have time to do it. Who knows? Along the way they have created some good unique content that , with a bit more time and effort may well have flourished into a profitable ecommerce site.

Investing time is of equal value to monetary investment

We always want our clients to invest time on their ecommerce website marketing. Not only time, but resources as well. This goes so too, for any kind of websites. Being consistent with the time spend in it can very well make the site flourish and profitable in 2-3 years, usually.

We want you to stay on it and don’t quit.

Below are the lists of ecommerce website marketing a website owner should invest in.

  • Website search engine optimization work,
  • Content Development and population,
  • Marketing Automation and automated ads,
  • Digital Media Marketing,
  • Brand Development,
  • Email marketing,
  • Events and/or webinars,
  • Market Research and keyword research,
  • Public relations and customer support,
  • Traditional media ads,
  • Direct mail,
  • telemarketing

We will size-down the list to 7 areas for better implementation, and for clearer presentation. Our goal is to make it easy and simple for you to implement these important changes to your ecommerce website. If you are not personally available to do this, get someone else to do it for you. Or hire someone to do it for you.

The ecommerce website marketing areas mentioned below are the same things we are working on with our own websites. Because we want to make it perform better in social media, and search engine results, – divided into two sides – one is for effective ecommerce website marketing tactics and the other is for the most difficult marketing tactics.

We will get the data from renowned research groups on internet marketing. These group have done really really well in providing website owners and marketers the tools and knowledge necessary to stay competitive in 2019. The full research result was compiled by ascend2.

The Most Effective ecommerce website marketing tactics in 2019 are:

  1. Social Media Marketing – 53%
  2. Content Marketing – 48%
  3. Search Engine Optimization – 47%
  4. Email Marketing – 39%
  5. Marketing Techology Usage(automated campaigns) – 28%
  6. Data-driven Personalization – 25%
  7. Search and social ads – 18%

CAUTION: There is an estimated 90% failure rate among small businesses  doing social media marketing. I have explain this here: The #1 Reason Why 90% of Small Businesses and E-commerce Website Fail in Social Media Marketing !

It is a little surprising to note that Social Media marketing at 53% has taken over the most effective marketing tactics. The title is wrested from Search Engine Optimization at 47% this year. Buoyed by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Social Media Marketing has never been this strong in the marketing strategies as we know it. And it does not show signs of abating soon.

The place for Content Marketing and content population at 48% is a little disappointing. I peg them to take the #1 spot this year, but at #2, it is still a very strong indication of effective marketing strategy for content writers.

The most that took the nose-dive is Search and Social Ads at 18%. I personally expected this to be near the top with all the amount of ads we see over at facebook and other social media platform, and of course Google. It’s a little bit surprising that it find its way to the tail of the most effective marketing tactics to implement in 2019.

The Most Difficult to implement ecommerce website marketing tactics in 2019 are:

  1. Data-driven Personalization – 49%
  2. Content Marketing – 38%
  3. Search and social ads – 34%
  4. Search Engine Optimization – 33%
  5. Marketing Techology Usage(automated campaigns)32%
  6. Social Media Marketing – 28%
  7. Email Marketing – 21%

The most difficult and hardest to implement is taken over by Data-driven personalization taking 49% difficulty. This is understandable with the way Google has implemented and data-structure into its algorithm.  Check out this article on and data structure, How Improves Your Prestashop and Thirtybees SEO Results. Followed by Content Marketing at 38% and Search and social ads raking in 34% difficulty of implementing.

The easiest ecommerce website marketing tactics to implement are Social Media Marketing at 28% and Email Marketing garnering 21% difficulty.

What are we looking at here?

We are looking at  Social Media Marketing – 53%, Content Marketing – 48%, Search Engine Optimization – 47% as the most effective marketing tactics to implement for your ecommerce website to rank better results in search engine ranking. With Social media both the most effective and the easiest to implement!

invest in ecommerce website marketing if you make  a plan on how to increase your ecommerce website search engine ranking! Put Social Media marketing at the top of your strategies! The 3 Best Areas You Should Invest in in 2019 for your Ecommerce Website Marketing are Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, good Search Engine Optimization like implementing data structure.

Tell us what you think about this marketing tactics, or if you like this article please do not forget to click the social media buttons below to share it, and lastly, give it a star rating/review.

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