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E-commerce platforms are turning out to be the biggest beneficiary of the stay-at-home order. A boon for ecommerce developers and Web Developing businesses.

While other ecommerce niches are losing, not all is lost amid this corona scare. In this article, allow me to  share 3 sectors that benefited from community lock downs and quarantines.

Before anything else, Shotech Media would like to post this Advice from Google:

In this time of constant change and uncertainty, it is essential to keep your business information up to date. Whether you’re reducing hours to help your staff or closing down completely, make it clear to your customers. In addition to updating your website, you should also update your Google My Business profile, which many consumers solely rely on when searching via Google or Google Maps.

Here are a few ecommerce sectors that benefits from community qaurantines

#1. Pre-cooked meals online order

Amid a growing number of cities and communities in a full-blown lockdown in major urban centers, restaurants that rely heavily on foot traffic are set to be the hardest hit, with most of them not having pre-planned options for online deliveries.

Most of the restaurants have been strictly serving takeaway orders following newly issued state measures to contain the spread of the virus, but have now been forced to shut their doors due to reduced customer numbers.

This has seen the establishments send their employees “on leave”, with anxiety growing over the future of their jobs as the number of new infections continue to rise.

Some food establishments like Restaurants, Pizza and fast food  houses were quick to turn to online ordering, in the middle of the strictly enforced “no eating-in policy, giving rise to food deliveries within the city. Ecommerce platforms are turning out to be the biggest beneficiaries of the stay-at-home governments order.

#2. Online groceries finally makes its mark in ecommerce thanks to city quarantines

For  years, online shopping has found it difficult to breakthrough.  Even though online grocery shopping seems more convenient, consumers are not willing to give up broad selection, low price and quality that they might find in the closest supermarket.

People left with no choice but online grocery shopping

The outbreak of coronavirus left people with no other choice but to buy their groceries online, a development that could have a lasting effect on the supermarket industry, long after the pandemic is over.

People have to sacrifice a few bucks here and there in exchange for safety form the virus, while in the comfort of their homes.

From America to Europe to Asia to Africa, there is a record rise in purchase of groceries online, as now more than ever, people find it appropriate to shop for groceries online.

Online grocery data

Online grocery shopping is exploding. Downloads of Instacart, Walmart’s grocery app and Shipt increased 218%, 160%, and 124% respectively last Sunday compared with a year prior.

“We are seeing a larger percentage of customers over the age of 60 that are coming online,” said JJ Fleeman, chief e-commerce officer for Ahold Delhaize in the United States, which owns brands like Stop & Shop, Food Lion and the online delivery service Peapod. “We’re seeing a lot of new customers coming into the channel.”


#3. Corona pushing auto industry to ecommerce

The auto industry has been highly dependent on the in-person sales experience up until this crisis. In an attempt to combat the immense drop in car sales that China saw, dealerships are testing out ecommerce capabilities.

Select dealerships are making the following changes to adapt to social distancing needs:

  • Introducing one-on-one appointments in-person
  • Leveraging their large showrooms to allow for social distancing
  • Adding new services to their online sites
  • Allowing test-drives at the home or office
  • Offering at-home vehicle delivery


As with many of the changes in shopping the coronavirus is bringing, we may see these offerings stick around even after the crisis is over.

What’s Next??

Lock downs cannot stop people from finding ways to be effective. A rational concern that should be addressed is: Can ecommerce merchants handle this surge of demand? Can they handle safe home delivery challenges?

If you have an idea that you think should be included in this article, please let us know.

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